Stranger Things season 5 starts filming

Warning: spoilers for previous seasons of** Stranger Things**

The final of Stranger Things is getting closer, but the date on which the new episodes of the fifth and final season will arrive on Netflix is ​​not yet known. In the last few hours, however, we have some more time references. All thanks to David Harbourthe interpreter of Sheriff Jim Hopper, who while he was in Abu Dhabi to attend the Middle East Film & Comic Con spoke of the months that await him: “We are working on season five. I have a couple of months to trainthe actor revealed, adding, “But let’s start filming Juneit will be our last season”.

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As fans of the series created by the Duffer brothers will remember, after sporting a I look proudly weighed downthe heroic Hopper had to put on a muscular but lean physique to survive the Siberian prisons in which the Soviets had expelled him: “By the fourth season I had done a lot of training. (Hopper) was in a very specific position, in that Russian prison”, explains Harbour, motivating his radical change: “It was about making him a different person and somehow shedding a physical, mental and emotional layer of him”. However, the situation has now changed a lot, since just at the end of the previous season Hopper he reunited with Joyce (Wynona Rider), who has come to Russia to save him, and also with her adopted daughter Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown):Now he’s back home, he’s back in America where there are burgers, so he’ll be well fed”.

As usual, except for these generic referencesHarbor has not unbuttoned too much on the plot that will be contained in the episodes that will conclude this serial saga that began in 2016. In all likelihood, however, the Hawkins kids and their closest loved ones will have to face the definitive battle against the monstrous Vecna and the other threats of the Upside Down. If filming, as confirmed by Hopper’s interpreter, will begin in June it is likely that we will see this epilogue Not before 2024. In the meantime, we can console ourselves, by the end of the year, with the arrival of a prequel in a theatrical version on Vecna’s own origins.

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