Stranger Things, “There is a deep fear”: the actor tells it all

Stranger Things, the beloved actor of the Netflix cult series has revealed his greatest fear: what is it about?

Started as a pilot project, Stranger Things it became the first viral TV series produced by Netflix and it could be said that the growth of the streaming platform went hand in hand with that of the popularity of this production. However, like all good things, sooner or later it will have to end and in the case of this series there is already an indicative date for the conclusion.

The beloved Stranger Things actor talks about his great fear – Ansa Foto –

The authors of the TV series have already announced that the fifth season will be the final one, therefore the scenes that are recorded at this time and which will presumably be broadcast in 2024 will be the last. With the final season of Stranger Things closes the first chapter of Netflix and an important parenthesis will also close for all the young actors who have become famous all over the world thanks to the series.

Just as it was for the protagonists of other popular sagas around the world such as Harry Potter and Twilight, what will happen after the end of the saga is unknown. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry), Emma Watson (Hermione), Robert Pattinson (Edward) e Kirsten Stewart (Bella) survived the end of the two sagas and are among the most sought-after actors in the world, but what happened to everyone else?

Likewise Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) already has several career opportunities and is likely to have a long and rich career, but what about all the young actors launched by the series? Will they continue to act?

What will be the fate of the actors after the end of the series? – Ansa Photo –

Will they still be famous or will we only remember them for their role in the series? In all likelihood not everyone will have a chance to maintain this level of popularity and success.

Stranger Things, the fear of Gaten Matarazzo: “What will happen next?”

Guest of Jimmy Fellon, the American actor Gaten Matarazzo – who plays Dustin in Stranger Things – spoke about the fifth season of the series and his future as an actor. The interpreter explained that he feels a strong fear for the end of this chapter of his life. Something absolutely normal given that in the last ten years his career and his popularity have revolved around the role of Dustin.

The actor explains that all of them are in the same situation. On the one hand there is the desire to know the end of the story and the definitive evolution of the characters, on the other there is the fear of finding out what will happen after the end of this very important chapter of their career and their life: “There is also a deep fear. Not only was it great, but it was a great, safe job for a while. I’m going back to being a freelancer”.

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