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Veterinarian Facundo Galvani, head of the Senasa Chaco-Formosa regional delegation, mentioned the work carried out with the Ministry of Production and Environment, PAIPPA Institute, INTA and municipalities to assist and accompany producers affected by avian influenza .

hold Angerford “We assist all poultry producers affected by the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus that entered Argentina on February 14 this year.”

He recalled that it is located “in the north of the province of Jujuy” and affects three geographical points in Formosa: Colonia el Alba, Riacho Hehe and Villa General Guemez.

In this sense, he expressed that every producer has been helped, noting that today “they have replaced the birds that had to be sacrificed because of this virus” and even “they have even received a little more than they had amount” before. “”.

In the case of Colonia El Alba, “they were given 30 pullets, while in Riacho He Hé and Villa General Güemes they were given 70 each, in addition to raising roosters and chicks so that they could reproduce the production of eggs, “he explained.

He also highlighted the work carried out by the Emergency Committee “with the Formosa Ministry of Production and Environment, the PAIPPA Institute, the municipalities and INTA, through the Colorado Experimental Agency, headed by Federico Miranda” Sanitary action is within the framework of the Pro Huerta programme. “

“Across all these organizations we coordinate so that we can specifically help these families affected by the virus, coordinating the release of a batch of chicks. All logistics have been completed and technical assistance and facilities for new chicken houses have been provided,” he said. emphasize.

In addition to this, “technicians are agents in the area who are helpful, explaining how to produce better and the biosecurity measures to prevent pathogens from entering poultry production plants,” he concluded.

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