“Stretch marks, cellulite, always me”

After premiering his new song “La Mano Entera,” sadi girl Shared a video of her shooting, she looks very natural, no filter, sexy red bodysuit underwear This results in the start of the clip.

If the video alone was enough to drive her fans crazy, the sexiness she displayed without retouching, coupled with the message in the video, drew applause and praise from fans.

“Have stretch marks, have cellulite, always be real, always be me”; he said along with the sexy video on his network.

Less than a day after the release, the reading volume has exceeded 14,000 like 400 messages on Instagram, nearly 500 comments on Facebook, over 7,000 like.

“How precious, this woman is the truth”; “You are perfect”; “Pure fire”; “But you are natural, this is what I like about you, don’t deliberately pursue perfection in the eyes of others, you are a Beautiful woman with the natural details that women have”, “You are unique and attractive”; “Beautiful as always, that girl is so natural, beautiful, I love your new song already, bless the girl”; ” I love it, it’s so real and worthy of what they say…it fascinates me”; Want to ask us on the web)”; “You’re beautiful and a size 10”; “This is a real woman, biracial, not biracial, I love you, but I don’t love you,” hundreds of One of the messages reads. follower.

After this fiery post, La Niña shows two of them looks like He wears it in the video clip of the song. Sexy or aggressive? He wonders which one his fans prefer.

New song by Seidy La Niña, “Whole Hand”, She comes with her usual feminine power and mission hatersOne day after its premiere, Toxic and Exploited had more than 21,000 views on YouTube.

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