Stylish Venus Williams Paris fashion trip leaves Reilly Opelka gushing over tennis ‘princess’

In the world of tennis, Riley Opelka Venus Williams created strong bonds on and off the court, uniting generations with a shared passion and commitment to the game. While there have been a lot of dating rumors about the two, they have put the talk aside and have been there for each other. The seven-time Grand Slam champion recently attended a fashion show in Paris and made a stunning fashion statement.

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Like a true friend, the 26-year-old American tennis player commented admiring her stunning appearance. Let’s see what Opelka has to say about Williams’ chic fashion choices.

Reilly Opelka’s doting appreciation for Venus Williams


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Most recently, the 43-year-old American tennis legend attended the Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall 2024 show at Paris Fashion Week. The former number one looked amazing as she chose a different look for the event. The fan page shared several photos of the seven-time Grand Slam champion during that match.

Soon, her good friend, the 26-year-old American tennis star, commented on the post with an emoji that perfectly matched Venus’s style. Instead of using any words, he used emojis to express his emotions and placed an emoji of a princess wearing a crown.

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While she’s slaying like a total queen in her new look, it’s safe to say the predictions Opelka made are accurate somewhere down the road as well. For the event, Venus Williams wore classic Parisian attire, including black jeans and a white shirt. Additionally, she accessorized her outfit with accessories such as a cropped jacket with gold buttons and black combat boots.

However, this isn’t the first time the 26-year-old has praised Venus Williams for her fashion choices. Her Vogue red carpet appearance sparked excited reactions from her friends about a month ago when she shared her own unique look back at the season.

When Opelka makes one-world comments about Venus Williams

About a month ago, in December 2023, the American tennis legend took to her Instagram account to highlight her stunning outfit choices for 2023 to her fans. She captioned the series of photos: “A year’s worth of clothing.”


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Opelka reflected on the year’s stunning outfits, expressing her one-word appreciation in the post. He wrote, ““Wow,” and expressed surprise at the stunning photos of Venus as a fashionista.

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However, what do you think of Riley Opelka’s princess comments about Venus Williams? Let us know in the comments section below.

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