Suicide Squad Director Admits His Only Regret About Jared Leto’s Joker

What is the Suicide Squad director’s biggest regret about Jared Leto’s Joker? Apparently only one and it is quite evident.

Even the directors have regrets and the one recently mentioned by David Ayer regard Suicide Squad. Released in 2016 with a cast full of interesting names, the film has generated curiosity but also several controversies, especially as regards the making of the Joker interpreted by Jared Leto. And it seems that the director also agrees on this. His greatest regret, in fact, concerns this character.

David Ayer admits his biggest regret about Suicide Squad: it’s about Joker

David Ayer figures as both director and screenwriter of Suicide Squad, a film that united the super villains of the gods DC Studios aiming for an ensemble cast. Although the film has generated some perplexities and also earned an additional one The Suicide Squad – Suicide mission realized by James Gunn in 2021, the former helped Margot Robbie to quickly fit into pop culture along with his own harley quinn. However, David Ayer has expressed some doubts about Jared Leto’s Joker and explained what is the biggest regret of him in this sense. The director commented on Joker’s appearance and, via Twitter, said he didn’t exactly like the tattoo engraved on his forehead that reads the word “damaged”. In fact, a fan asked him why he had decided to proceed with that tattoo, which was strongly criticized by viewers. According to the director, that tattoo was supposed to be a sort of mockery of Batman.

That way Joker was making fun of Batman after being punched by him. It’s the one aesthetic choice I wish I’d never made. I’ve gotten a lot of flak for it, of course.

While the previous Jokers played by Jack Nicholson And Heath Ledger have respected the aesthetic flicker of the character in the comics in appearance, the version of Jared Leto for Suicide Squad deviates particularly with creative freedom, proposing a more accentuated design starting from the countless tattoos. The most criticized remains “damaged” engraved on the forehead. The director, also via Twitter, showed his fans some details from behind the scenes of Suicide Squad, such as some aesthetic experiments for the creation of Joker where, however, the “offending” tattoo is always very evident.

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