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Which is better: a classic sheath dress or a more sophisticated dress? Sweetheart or V-neck? Choosing autumn dresses can make our lives a lot easier: let’s do it by following our shapes.

Autumn: a time of big plans, promises and goals. Time for change, sometimes. And we certainly always encounter some changes during this period, remodeling our wardrobe between decluttering and a little healthy Purchase.
Well, among the first tasks of the off-season there are always: cloth.
Have you ever noticed this? They are light, fast, decisive. And always impressive. Almost.

Why “almost”? It’s easy to say: any mistakes in terms of cuts and fitting they are less forgiving of a “single item”—like a dress—versus a designed ensemble of multiple pieces that are easier to “fix.” Therefore, it is better to choose carefully if we really want to introduce an “appearance-saving” item with buy a beautiful autumn dress. Or maybe even more than one!

So here’s a trick that will change your life: This fall, try to focus on shopping goals that align with yours. body shape…you’ll never come back. And this is where we come in with fall dress guide ideal, that is, one that seems to have been designed and sewn according to your forms and is able to make the most of it silhouette everyone naturally. So, let’s start looking for a dress!

Autumn dresses for an hourglass figure

There hourglass silhouette it is one which has such proportional dimensions of the upper and lower parts of the body that it resembles the shape of the famous object from which it takes its name. Wasp waist harmoniously separates bust on average wealthy from flanks rounded, creating perfect harmony.

Emily Ratajkowski is a perfect example. hourglass body shape, and he seems to know it very well! The mission (which Emrata always fulfills) for people with such a physique is only one: to improve their shape and proportions.

The best models to achieve this goal are undoubtedly models correspond dry and sticky. So the classics are very good sheath dressand also this overalls slipped. Apparently it’s autumn and the thermometer is dropping, you might think. What about a “layered” formula? A slip dress over which you could wear another dress in harmony with the bouffant, light and translucent, but with long sleeves.

There are also fabrics: Choose a liquid, but not too thick. This will actually be another factor to consider: lightweight yarns conform better and don’t add unwanted bulk. Finally a question about cutouts, friends. hourglass: you don’t have any serious limitations, but let me tell you that you do have them sweetheart neckline This is truly divine on you!

PATRIZIA PEPE double dress

GUESS Sheath Dress with Sweetheart Neckline

Midi dress with pleats COS

Autumn dresses for a triangle (or pear) figure

It seems that Triangular body shape is the closest relative of the hourglass. And it’s like this: waist point well expressed and flanks rounded, they bring together two forms that are actually defined as “genoids”. But here’s the difference: the relationship between lower and upper body in a triangle it changes. The torso becomes thinner, and the weight is more easily concentrated on the hips. Therefore, it is necessary to recreate the balance in terms of volumes.

Kristin Davis’s always impeccable stylists know this well. In fact, the actress flaunts it often and willingly. midi dresses with elements that carry a little extra weight in the upper body and are sleeker in the lower body. That’s all.

Well if you have one Triangular body shapeis yours autumn dress he will have to play on these principles: emphasizing the waistline (your huge forte) and adding volume to the bust with voluminous sleeves, ruffles, bows, worked collars, more structured fabrics and appliqués. And so on.

cutouts they will move horizontally, trying to optically expand the top, or become rounded. Just like them fantasy and patterns. However, on the lower body, it’s best to stick to smooth and flowy fabrics, avoiding details like large pockets or obvious zippers that caress the thighs, allowinghem on the same line. Easier done than said!

Floral print midi dress with puffed sleeves and ZIMMERMAN belt.

iBLUES mini dress with puff sleeves

SELF PORTRAIT midi dress with square neckline and puffed sleeves

Autumn dresses for an inverted triangle (or apple) figure.

inverted triangleas the name suggests, it is the exact opposite of a triangle.
In fact, here the silhouette will haveupper body fuller and more voluminous (weight is often concentrated on the stomach, chest and arms), unlike lower body thinner and drier. This way we can identify a dress that strategically “shifts the weight.”

If – as in the case of Angelina Jolie – inverted triangle What is your body shape, the goal will be to balance your upper and lower body, lose weight in your upper body and increase your greater strength: legs. Again, it’s easier than expected!

Autumn clothes they should be chosen like this: with vertical cutouts, such as “V” or one shoulder, to give impulse and preferably from midi to mini. Or with a beautiful slot in case long dress for evening.
A few more tricks: Applications Hip-level details like large pockets or bows will add a little volume where it’s needed, and kimono sleeves (or three-quarter length, anyway) or short sleeves with a diagonal cut will help streamline the top. body.

The strap can also help create waist point and help give the correct tortuosity. Just like the bottom of a dress can fit if you cut it out. balloon with structured fabric. Have you ever thought about this, friends, since then? body shape a inverted triangle?

Mini kimono dress ZARA

RALPH LAUREN long one-shoulder dress with slit

Mini-dress NANUSHKA with shirt top and belt

Autumn dresses for rectangle body shapes

Okay, here we radically change the form: let’s talk about body shape rectangle. In this case, the width of the shoulders, waist and hips are on the same visual line and resemble the famous geometric shape. In general, this is a lean and slender body type, characterized by a certain androgyny.

Actress Zoe Saldana is definitely one of them. link simply ideal for those who recognize themselves in this type body shape. Here’s how to move: general Additional softness can help create some of the missing sinuosity, but it is also essential to take into account the characteristics of a person and emphasize them – with the help sleek and straight dresses, masculine details or A-necks – can be successful. In short, it’s a matter of goals.

But let’s be more specific, thinking mainly about those who want to achieve the first goal (that is, more “classical” and a little more complex). To “soften” the figure, you can focus on cloth in which elements to increase volume, such as micro ruffles and ruffles, as well as rhinestones and appliqués, are widespread. Even me fabrics they play an important role: thicker ones, treated, glossy or applied in multiple layers can be effective.

Big Yes then goes to rich and bright colorand to rounded and large patterns which give movement and expansion of volumes. Also very good is a big trend at the moment that can help achieve your waistband design goals: dresses with cutouts strategic. Seeing is believing!

Mini dress PINKO with polka dots and ruffles

MAJE cutout mini dress

MARELLA dress with floral pattern and ruffles

Autumn dresses for oval figures

At the endBefore us is the closest relative of the inverted triangle: oval. Softer bust than lower body, when a “weak spot” is identified in the abdominal area, it is isolated. Difference compared to apple shaped case? Distribution of volumes by bustthe weight of which is very easily concentrated at a certain point:abdomen, exactly. Also narrower and slightly sloping shoulders combined with straight hips, they help highlight this body shape, which can almost perfectly be attributed to the figure from which it takes its name.

Selena Gomez holds the bastion high oval body shape. Here the goal will be to slim down your overall figure and minimize your belly. This can be done very well and easily with straight cuts, even in the case of whole suits. So give up the idea correspond oversized, bold and anything too stiff, rough-textured or structured: they are not conducive to weight loss. On the other hand, “too tight” is also not beneficial.

Therefore, it is better to focus on regular planting, looking for the right compromise between correspond and fabric. And then they will help: precious vertical lines. Friends with an oval body shape, listen to us: add them in industrial quantities to your looks, and you won’t regret it. In this regard, midi dresses with V-necks and vertical folds will be a real find.

And then. I prefer monochrome Prefer clothes with large and bright patterns or two-tone clothes, and avoid fabrics that are too shiny or flaring. Very good clothes with strategic pleats and belly draping, as well as midi dresses with a diagonal cut that can make you look slimmer. One last trick: Lightly padded shoulders will help add a little structure to this area. You’ll never turn them down again, guaranteed!

Shift dress with structured shoulders and draped waist from GIORGIO ARMANI.

Long flowing dress with a V-neck and vertical pleats MAX MARA.

Midi dress with bias neckline and draped belly GAUGE81

Celebrity photos courtesy: Getty Images.

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