Summer boots: what to wear with boots in summer

lFashion from season to season rewrites its rules, breaking clichés and stereotypes. The collections are expanding to blur the distinction between winter and summer clothing, offering out of season as well as accessories and clothing that you would never think of wearing in summer or winter. The most striking example of this revolution? summer boots 2023must-have celebrities and, above all, Emily Ratajkowski. The keynote of it summer in the city runs through the streets of Manhattan, offering different styles and ways to wear boots in the summer. Are you still hesitating? 3 views a supermodel capable of making you reconsider this controversial trend.

At the office in August?  5 fresh and flawless outfits to copy

At the office in August?  5 fresh and flawless outfits to copy

Summer boots: what to wear them with?

Summer boots yes or no? For model Emily Ratajkowski, there’s no doubt these are officially the shoes she’s worn the most in the last few hot months. Unlike the rules of fashion that we all know, even fashion is undergoing climate change that shuffles the cards in the game. In combination with short dresses in silk skirts crochet or midi skirtoutfits according to fashion Paparazzi on the streets of New York confirm that wearing boots in the summer is not only possible, but has become a new popular trend among celebrities.

Emily Ratajkowski August 4th in New York. (Photo by Gotham/GC Images)

From Day to Night as Emily Ratajkowski

Summer boots 2023 are fiercely protective, offering a variety of style ideas and fashion outfit ideas, is the aforementioned American model. In just a few weeks, he has demonstrated the already known versatility of this shoe, now suitable for the hottest months of the year. Wearing casually daytime looklike the paparazzi in mid-June, consisting of a silk midi skirt with paisley print, halter top, oversized necklace with pendant and camperos in suede western Montserrat style. As well as other suitable evening. Where is the inherent elegance tight little black dress Pair with the timeless style of high leather ankle boots with slanting heels. Sunglasses, buckle belt hobo bag in gold with a chain under the arm: from dawn to dusk summer boots anticipate the images of next autumn.

Summer boots 2023 for women: suede from Emily Ratajkowski. (Photo by MEGA/GC Images)

Models and design in step with trends

Emily Ratajkowski can copy more than just outfits and mix and match wisely to take advantage of modern footwear. But the models summer boots 2023 in which he decided to invest. Different styles that can’t be missing from the stars shoe rack. suedeeven better if light color and low heel, for the days spent in the city in full style coastal girl.

NEW YORK, NY – AUG 2: Emily Ratajkowski exits her Podcast Studio on August 2, 2023 in New York, NY. (Photo by MEGA/GC Images)

Most wanted of square toe and high shaft, model in Black skin with a glamorous and sophisticated look, it is always a good choice. Also the version sexier and captivating, with a stiletto heel and glittery trim, for evenings full of sophisticated glamour.

If they save any look in winter with their effortless elegance, why not make boots the protagonist of summer urban looks as well?


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