Summer Phrases: In autumn, the health routine returns

Wellness doesn’t go on vacation

wellness summer hits


THAT Summer phrasesYou know, they are born to last a few months. But not in the plan wellness. New habits acquired in the summer can (or should I say?) be continued in the fall. In some cases with minor adjustments. In order not to lose the results obtained on vacation in terms of psychophysical well-being. And also suffer less from re-entry syndrome.

Summer phrases: hello to the sun like a celebrity

Favored by celebrities and the catchphrase of the “king of summer health”, the sun salutation is a sequence of different yoga poses performed smoothly and in sync with the breath. It is a way of paying homage to the rising sun and should ideally be practiced outdoors in a natural setting. Therefore, not necessarily a beach, but also a park under the house or a terrace, if the weather permits, and a well-ventilated room in front of the window of the house, when there is no alternative. Its benefits? Stretches and tones muscles, corrects bad posture, improves blood circulation and breathing, develops concentration and balance, aids in intestinal transit and frees the mind from stress. It’s good to start the day.

Swimming in the forest: summer catchphrases mountain version

Anyone who has vacationed in the mountains has almost certainly tried swimming in the forest. Maybe without even knowing it. This is a practice that consists in sensual immersion in the nature of the forest, silence and listening to the sounds, smells and colors that surround us. Originating in Japan as Shinrin Yoku and considered a form of preventive medicine, it helps boost the immune system, improve mood, and reduce anxiety. And the beauty is that this can be done in any forest area, including city parks. Even during lunch break.

Jennifer Garner teases her kids with video of her intense workout:

Barefoot like Britney and Shakira.

Sandals originated in New Zealand but have spread all over the world, even among Hollywood stars. Among her fans are Britney Spears, Shakira and Julia Roberts. It’s more than a discipline, it’s a lifestyle of walking barefoot, without shoes, in every setting and situation. Not only to lift contact with nature and one’s own feelingsbut also to stimulate blood circulation, improve posture and balance. It is easy and pleasant on the beach, but even at home you can get used to it: contact with a cool floor will become a panacea for your legs and back.

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Siesta time! Favorite summer hit

Let’s face it, one of the most enjoyable vacation habits is napping. But who said that after returning he would have to be banned forever? Indulge in 20-30 minutes of sleep after dinner whenever possible, and not necessarily every day, and this will bring many benefits. Helps memory and learning, increases labor productivity and creativity. It reduces stress and anxiety while promoting healthy emotional detachment. And finally, it improves mood and socialization, making them more positive and cordial. Without making any effort. Better than this…


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