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In order to try to survive this hot and at the same time rainy summer during the climate crisis together, I decided to create a playlist with the help of the Internazionale editors. The rule we gave ourselves was simple: the title of the work must contain the word “summer” in any language of the world.

Here’s our selection below the playlist on Spotify.

John Ansaldomusic editors and opinions
Eternal summerstrokes
Eternal summer is more of a threat than a wish. Actually it is global warming. The melancholy and highly inspired Julian Casablancas floats to an almost funky beat and throws punches at the deniers (Don’t you want the truth? new freaka 2020 record in which the Strokes returned to their best form.

Summer clothesAnimal Collective
A psychedelic chronicle of summer love immersed in the American heat, in a bed that has turned into a puddle of sweat and the walls are on fire. The spirit of Brian Wilson lingers in this electronic attraction, released in 2009. After years Merryweather Post Pavilion it’s still a great album.

Daniel Cassandercultural editor and head of Internazionale Extra
cruel summerBananarama
Not to be confused with Taylor Swift’s song of the same name. cruel summer by Bananarama was released in the very hot summer of 1983 and is one of those perfect pop pieces that can also tell about the sad, lonely and unfair side of summer. At the time, it was also recited as an anti-Thatcher anthem.

Boys (Summer Love)Sabrina
Sabrina Salerno was the queen of the last phase of Italo disco. And her boysproduced by Claudio Cecchetto is a classic, like the umbrella cocktail at Aquafan in Riccione.

Giovanna D’Asenziphoto editor
summer boilerXTS
If in the summer heat you can no longer think and do not know what to listen to, choose lark by Xtc: the perfect pop album.

summer wasteBelle and Sebastian
Having spent time in the summer will make us feel freer, but the season in Glasgow will make it even better.

Alberto NotarbartoloDeputy Director of the Internationale
long hot summerstyle advice
It was 1983, and for Jam fans frustrated by Paul Weller’s new career with the Style Council, this ultra-soft pop single was the final blow.

voila etForest Negress Vertes
In the late eighties, Les Négresses Vertes were a French band that combined the look of the Pogues with the instrumentation of gypsy folk. There were a few hits like this one.

Gea Polimeniemployee of the international festival in Ferrara
summer madnessKool and the gang
The instrumental track cannot but be included in the summer playlist. I chose this one because it reminds me of suspended moments of extreme relaxation. Since 1974, his iconic sounds have formed the basis of over two hundred other rnb and hip hop songs: we find him on Erykah Badu and Ice Cube, but others might also recognize him on one of Mistaman’s last tracks.

summer renaissancebeyoncé
This song ends Queen B’s latest album in style, recalling its title, paying homage and resurrecting Donna Summer. You can immediately recognize the beat by the intro I feel lovewhich could only be taken and modeled in a sublime way, without having to ask permission, only by a queen like Beyoncé.

Claudio Rossi Marcelli, host of the Il Mondo podcast; edits the “Dear Dad” column
Summer rainBelinda Carlyle
While everyone else is busy celebrating the carelessness of summer, this 1989 pop gem celebrates its melancholy and tells of the great passion swept away by a summer storm.

Summertime SadnessLana Del Rey
“I think I’ll miss you forever,” Lana Del Rey sings in this 2012 song. Cedric Gervais’s dance remix was a success, but it’s the original version that brings out the magical summer sadness.

Patrick Ruviglioni, employee, engaged in culture and entertainment
Summer endsRigueira
It will be for a saxophone riff and the eighties, for a voice given by a new wave, or for the fact that for me, like for many, the year begins in September, and the end of summer smells of budgets and nostalgia. “Summer is coming to an end, a year has passed.” The more time goes by the more I think Summer ends by Righeira is a defining part of the season thanks to the festive atmosphere mixed with the melancholy it brings with it and the ability to say what one has to say. “I’m getting older, you know I don’t like it.” Oh God, no, I don’t want to think about it.

Summer in the cityMarrakesh
marrakesh before Human and in an introspective turn he was already an excellent pen and an excellent observer of his surroundings. Blessed 2008, there are no beaches and umbrellas, but there is sun, heat and social housing. It’s the summer of those who can’t afford to travel, the summer of those who stay, the summer in the city. “AAA-very tan at the Baron, / I get a tan while eating McDonald’s.”

Jonathan Zentiaudio designer. Maintaining a podcast column
Summer time magicBaby Gambino
This is the B side Summer packagesSummer EP Childish Gambino 2018. Another song EP Looks like summer, that’s what made it happen. This one, with his incessant prayer “love me” (love me), remained for some time in the shade, in the coolness.

cool for summerDemi Lovato
This is a useful song to make a list to see if you have everything to meet the summer.

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