SummerMovie – new review with talks, guests and screenings

After the success of the winter AperiCinema, Palazzo Roma Dinner Club relaunches the Summer Movies review, 5 meetings to talk about cinema, life, meet famous guests, enjoy an aperitif and watch a movieā€¦ in one evening.

The formula is always the same: 12 euros for an aperitif and a movie, but with the addition of a “conversational” offer.

Each screening will actually be preceded by a 30-minute discussion between the interviewer and a guest from the film and art worlds.

Artistically directed by Carmelo Grassi, the review will begin on Tuesday 8 August at 20:00. Mario Pechere (moderator) and Marco Greco (author and music expert) who will discuss the great icons of rock history. Next will be screened Elvis, a film directed by Baz Luhrmann, chronicling the life of the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley (Austin Butler), showing his rise and success, which made him one of the icons of the scene. American culture.

On Tuesday, August 22, the review will continue with a meeting between Mario Pechere (moderator) and Cosimo Terlizzi (artist and director). The Puglia-based artist will discuss the influence of nature on the human psyche and art, focusing on the experience of “Lamia Santolina”, his Mediterranean garden aimed at the restoration and rediscovery of spontaneous and endemic plants.

Then there will be a screening of the film “Eight Mountains”, a film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Paolo Cognetti. Pietro and Bruno, childhood friends and now men, are trying to erase the traces of their fathers. Through life’s difficulties, they always return home to the mountains.

The review will continue on Tuesday, August 29th when Nando Sallustio (moderator) meets with Sylvia Anglani (singer) for a fresh look at the greats of world music and the career of Whitney Houston. This will be followed by a screening of Whitney: The Voice Made Legend, a film directed by Casey Lemmons about the life of the American singer who died in 2012. The film traces the young Whitney’s first steps into the world of music, telling how she achieved such worldwide success, which earned her the nickname “The Voice”, which was attributed to her by Oprah Winfrey.

September opens with the penultimate meeting. Tuesday 5. Nando Sallustio (presenter) and Antonella Gaeta (journalist and screenwriter) are in the garden of the dining club. They will talk about how real life enters the cinema and how everyday stories become an inspiration for great films. This will be followed by a screening of “Stranizza d’Amuri”, a film by Beppe Fiorello based on a true story as a teenager. In fact, the film is inspired by the “Jarre Crime” of 1980, when two boys – Giorgio and Antonio – were killed for being homosexuals. This story is one of many hidden in Italian history.

Summer Movies will end on Tuesday, September 12th. Nando Sallustio (host) and Paola Leone (theatre director) will discuss the importance of culture in social reintegration and Leone’s personal experience.

After that, the film “Thank you guys” with Antonio Albanese will be shown. Antonio Cerami is a stage actor who hasn’t been on stage for three years, he lives alone in an apartment in Ciampino where he hears every plane fly by and a double porn movie to make ends meet. His friend Michele, who has a full-time job at a small Roman theater, finds him an unusual assignment: six days of acting lessons in a prison in Velletri to have the prisoners put on a series of fairy tales.

Dinner club Palazzo Roma invites spectators to come a few minutes before the start to order at the bar without interrupting the conversation.

The ticket price is EUR 12.00 including conversation, glass of wine or prosecco or soft drink and main course, film screening. The aperitif included in the ticket can be integrated with plates and other drinks.

The conversation and aperitif will take place in the garden, screening in the internal cinema.

After the show, it will be possible to stop at a bar or dine according to the restaurant or bistro formula.

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