Superfoods from the Amazon could protect us from the flu and fight anemia

Superfoods from the Amazon could protect us from the flu and fight anemia

You may not have tried this fruit, but you’ve certainly seen it more than once Instagram. It attracts attention for its pink color and white interior with seeds.we are talking about Dragon fruit, dragon fruit or dragon fruit. Is it a fun food or just a “posture”? Next, we analyze the characteristics of this fruit Super food.

Its origin is in the Amazon region of Central America, although in Europe it is mainly grown in Asia (Vietnam or Thailand). In recent times, as shocking as it may seem, This is also starting to happen in some parts of Spain.

It contains high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants, protects the liver and improves iron absorption.Due to its low carbohydrate concentration, its caloric intake is very low, but its vitamin C contribution is large, making it ideal for Prevent respiratory diseases such as influenza and colds, in addition to improving the absorption of iron from food, it helps to fight against anemia. This time of year, it’s fun to incorporate it into your diet to protect yourself from colds caused by the changing seasons.

How to eat dragon fruit?

like kiwi fruit. “It’s cut in half vertically and the inside is taken out with a spoon. It has a lot of pulp and although it doesn’t look like it, the skin is very thin. It reminds me of a custard apple or a kiwi, although it’s more Mush,” explained a fruit vendor.

The price for one piece is about 6 or 7 euros.

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