Surprising words from Messi’s former team-mate at Barcelona: ‘This is not an example’

At the beginning of this week, Lionel Messi becomes the protagonist again as he wins the new version of golden ball.Although now his former teammates show up barcelona With a surprising phrase.

beyond all his achievements argentina national teamThere is no doubt that the best years of Messi’s career occurred in Barcelona. There, he was able to share a team with a large number of players.

One of them is Bojan Korkic, who has shown his documentary over the past few hours and mentioned the best football players in the world in a very special way. “This is something I’ve always wanted to do. To convey my experience as a player. People think it’s beautiful, but there is pain and hard work. I want to explain my experience and send a positive message.” The former striker is This started the conversation with AS, and then he talked about La Pulga.

Bojan said: “This is not just a documentary for fans, it goes further, it talks about personal situations and shows that Messi is not a role model.” Although his words attracted the attention of many people, they were controversial. The responsibility also falls on him.

“Messi, Cristiano and Rafa Nadal are not ordinary examples. They cannot be role models for young people. They are extraordinary. Success is not like this, it only happens to them. Success can be applied to many scenarios .” These are the words Bojan describes in the new documentary, which has undoubtedly got people talking in the football world.

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