Switzerland Tourism and Federer. Roger and Trevor Noah take the wrong train, without a ticket.

First Robert De Niro, then Anne Hathaway and now Trevor Noah. Roger Federer, again this year is traveling with a superstar to a tourist destination in Switzerland. However, the journey of the two is not entirely without setbacks.

Are you in a hurry? blue News summarizes for you:

  • For the third time, Roger Federer is shooting an advertising spot for Switzerland Tourism.
  • In the company of the racket master this time there is the Swiss-South African comedian Trevor Noah.
  • The two take the wrong train that takes them to the parts of Interlaken. Meeting the ticket controller is a really nice scene.

It’s not the first time that Roger Federer and Trevor Noah have collaborated together. Three years ago, the former tennis number 1 teamed up with Bill Gates, while the comedian shared the court with Rafa Nadal. It was a charity match, which took place in Cape Town in South Africa, Match for Africa number 6.

Three months ago Federer returned the favor and appeared on Noah’s favorite turf, the set of the Daily Show. The two struck up a fun conversation.

Again, the two collaborated in Switzerland on an advertising spot for Switzerland Tourism.

Two years ago, the former tennis player had made his debut as an actor and ambassador of Switzerland paired with Robert De Niro, offering hilarious jokes. Last year, together with actress Anne Hathaway, Roger had granted an encore.

Zurich main station

Roger Federer and Trevor Noah are ready for an advertising service, but due to a mishap the two protagonists end up on the wrong train. Unfortunately, the 20-time Grand Slam winner and the comedian don’t have a ticket – or even a mobile phone – and run into the ticket inspector, who displays a good deal of humor. The entire commercial, present on YouTube, can be seen above in its entirety.

The latest Switzerland Tourism commercial is the sounding board for the launch of the new Goldenpass Express Line train line between Montreux and Interlaken, which has been connecting the three Swiss tourist resorts of Montreux, Gstaad and Interlaken since mid-December.

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