Sydney Sweeney confirmed her role in the film

Actress Sydney Sweeney spoke in a lengthy interview with Variety about the character she plays in Madame Web and how she prepared for filming.

Madame Web: Sydney Sweeney confirmed her role in the film

Role Sydney Sweeney to the cinema Madame Web this was confirmed by an interview published in Variety, in which the young actress talks about her future.
The Euphoria star also opened up about how she prepared for her debut in the cinematic universe.
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about the upcoming project produced by Marvel and Sony.

An important character in the Marvel Universe.

In Madame Web, released in February, Sidney Sweeney plays Julia Carpenter, the young woman who becomes Spider-Woman in the comics. The actress recalled how excited she was as soon as she got the role: “I went straight to the comic book store and bought all the comics that had my character in it.“.

Sydney then stressed that she was convinced that the comic book star Dakota Johnson would be a success at the box office. The actress remarked:I think it’s different from what people expect from a superhero movie. Quote my words! It’s a sentence to report because the tabloids will give way to everything else!“.

Sweeney also confirmed that he hopes his role will return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and seems to have implicitly acknowledged that he could have a movie with an absolute protagonist in the future.

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Movie Details

The cast of the film, in addition to Dakota Johnson and Sidney Sweeney, also includes Emma Roberts, Celeste O’Connor, Isabela Mercid, Tahir Rahim and Mike Epps.

The film is directed by S. J. Clarkson and written by Matt Sazama and Burke Sharpless.

Created by writer Denny O’Neill and artist John Romita Jr., the clairvoyant Madame Web/Cassandra Webb first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #210 since the 80s. Webb is partially paralyzed and blind from myasthenia gravis. Her husband, Jonathan Webb, created a specialized life support system out of web-shaped tubes. Webb passed on his skills to Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman shortly before his death at the hands of Sasha Kravinoff. His psychic abilities were a major influence on Spider-Man both in the comics and in the 1990s animated series, where he collected various variations of Spider-Man from across the multiverse to stop the Spider-Massacre from destroying him.

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