Sydney Sweeney dazzled in a pink Barbie minidress for her 26th birthday

While most of us would rather leave our school days behind us, Sydney Sweeney celebrated her 26th birthday in a way that made her Euphoria I’m very proud of Cassie’s character. Over the weekend, the actress posted pictures from her star-studded birthday, which was cleverly themed in the style of an ’80s prom.

The actress shared a behind-the-scenes look, from the disco ball-draped ceiling and pink curtains to the fringed banner that read “Sid’s Prom.” The party was also attended by such stars as Camila Mendes, Anitta, Nicola Peltz and others. However, it seems many of them have never been to a school dance before – Anitta wrote on Instagram: “My first prom thanks to the birthday girl.”

Yes, the dress code was very ’80s, but it seemed like many people interpreted it through Barbie pink lens. Anitta wore a metallic minidress with wavy long hair, while others, like actress Alexandra Shipp, opted for taffeta cocktail dresses. However, Sweeney was certainly the star of the evening – not only because she was the birthday girl, but also because of her brilliant wardrobe choices, which in many ways defined the direction of the decade.

The actress wore a fuchsia satin minidress with dramatic puffed sleeves and a voluminous low-waist skirt. The bodice had a draped, almost corset-like shape, and the sleeves were accented with two voluminous roses. As if that weren’t enough, the skirt was quite ruffled, which certainly made for the perfect dress to twirl in all night long.

However, Sweeney’s love for the color pink didn’t end there. She accessorized with a crystal bow bag from Self-Portrait, a statement choker necklace, and a pair of silver heels for added sparkle.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a true ’80s look without some glam to match—the actress’s wavy, curled hairstyle and sultry smokey eye were the perfect complement to the rest of her ensemble.

Sweeney’s dress looked like it was straight out of the ’80s (or taken from a movie set). Lubrication), but it was also very similar to her – she wore a similar, albeit less vintage, pink Miu Miu dress to the Venice Film Festival. It was also similar to what we might have seen in Cassie’s sport, presumably for some kind of chaotic Euphoria high event. However, we’re sure Sweeney’s look earned her the title of Prom Queen.

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