Sydney Sweeney just donned the millennial headband and looks completely different.

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Sydney Sweeney is bringing back headbands, but not in preppy Blair Waldorf style. The blonde bombshell stepped out for a Miu Miu dinner in Paris with long waves pulled back from her face with a thick black fabric headband (a style millennials remember fondly from the early ’00s) and a thing about how it changed the shape of her face. we do a double take. Sid? It’s you?

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Perhaps playing on the schoolgirl motif, Sweeney paired this unexpected accessory (when was the last time you saw one in a high-fashion context?) with a sequined collared minidress with prominent buttons.

We must note that Euphoria the star’s hair is down to her ribs, usually sunny blonde (or, during filming Madame Web, more honey-colored), is now platinum. Do you want to look like Barbie? We guessed the actor was wearing hair extensions that were held in place by a headband, and a quick look at her hairstylist’s Instagram confirms the length belongs to Rita Lowry.

We wouldn’t be surprised if she switched to her natural hair color during the SAG-AFTRA strike, but that’s just a hypothesis. She also used a spray tan because while UV rays can give you a tan, they also cause melanoma. We love a queen who cares about safety!

At the Miu Miu show earlier in the day, Sweeney appeared without a headband, with even longer, wavy hair that reached down to her navel.

Okay, but look how much more she looks like Sydney Sweeney without the headband? I’m just saying!

<h1 класс="заголовок">Miu Miu: External Arrivals – Paris Fashion Week – Womenswear Spring/Summer 2024</h1>
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Although in the selfie she took with Lili Reinhart, she looked cute in this very different headband after weird feud rumors caused them to kind of “settle down.”

For contrast, check out Sweeney with voluminous disco curls, which she wore to an ’80s prom-themed birthday party, with literally the silkiest swoop of all time, delivering a bombshell, or simply keeping it natural while on Taylor Swift’s tour. Eras Tour.

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