Sydney Sweeney recreates her manicure in Euphoria

Sydney Sweeney continues to be an inspiration, although this time she took her inspiration from Euphoria. The actress showed off an impressive manicure reminiscent of the hit HBO series.

When inspiration for a manicure comes from TV series. This is a very recent case Sydney Sweeneyactress who owes much of her popularity to Euphoriathe HBO drama that also launched the career Zendaya. It is no coincidence that it was thanks to her performance in the series that the actress twice received the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama Series. And the success of Sydney Sweeney is no exception. Now that she is well established in Hollywood, she is increasingly focusing on the big screen, playing prominent roles. But she also approached the realm of the glamor and beauty scene.

Manicure Sydney Sweeney
Credits: Ansa – VelvetMag

For example Giorgio Armani he wanted her to become the new ambassador of his cosmetics brand, and she came to the Venice Lido during the film festival precisely because of her love for fashion. Moreover, due to the ongoing actors’ strike, he would not be able to attend the festival. And it was in Laguna that her strong manicure was noticed. energy TV.

Sydney Sweeney recreates a manicure inspired by her Euphoria character

This isn’t the first or last time celebrities have taken inspiration from Euphoria for some cosmetic goodies. This time Sydney Sweeney offers a manicure that is a clear homage to her character. Cassie Howard she blossomed in the show’s second season, although many did not appreciate the character’s storyline. By not sharing her love choices, Cassie certainly stepped up the TV series’ beauty trends. Therefore, even her translator, some time after the completion of the second season and in anticipation of the third, contributed a little Euphoria with him. The actress chose one elegant and chic manicurerecreating a French manicure with jewel details that Cassie also liked.

Manicure Sydney Sweeney
Credits: Instagram/Sydney Sweeney – VelvetMag

Up to this day, Euphoria often suggested beauty trends, including thanks to the famous makeup artist who best defined the beauty of her characters’ appearances. For Sydney Sweeney, her chicest manicure is inspired by the show. Nothing fancy or dazzling: her nail art was done Zola Ganzorigtwhich revived almond-shaped nails French manicure simple and effective. First of all, the manicurist decorated the base with a light pink layer. She then moved to the edge of the nail, creating a sort of white “C” shape on each finger except the middle one. She then moved on to sparkling touches: small clear gemstones applied directly to the bare nail. And then also on the ring and thumb. Thanks to this, the manicure acquires greater brightness.

This manicure is Euphoria acquired greater significance primarily due to the character Alexa Demi in the second season. And it’s all thanks to nail artist Natalie Minerva, who then did a similar manicure for Cassie. Sydney Sweeney paired it with a soft pastel pink polka dot fitted dress and chiffon skirt and bodice, enlivened by a cascade of pearls and silver sequins.

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