Syracuse, beginning of “Mediterrartè – Modern Classics”.

The theater, as a place where prose, dance and music merge, powerfully conveys the depth of Mediterranean culture. This is the concept behind Mediterrarte – modern classic, the international festival of artistic realities of the Mediterranean, which is now starting with its second edition, which will take place between Catania and Syracuse with shows and events from different fields of art and culture. Festival conceived and organized Artele, offers innovative and interdisciplinary proposals for an open forum in which innovative projects and processes sprout through the presence of some of the most interesting artists on the international stage in terms of language studies. A unique cultural project of its kind in terms of approach and geographical location, with proposals by artists able to draw on the classical tradition and popular culture to renew the language and reflect on the deep meaning of dramaturgy.

After the Catan debut with the first two concerts, the dancer will be hosted by the Teatro Massimo Citta di Syracuse. Mercedes de Cordobaone of the most prominent representatives of flamenco, who, in addition to being the protagonist of a special seminar (il September 7 at 21:00.), brings to the stage – Friday, September 8 – a flamenco show. Sin Mas. A world premiere born of need, struggle, dedication and unconditional love for flamenco. Mercedes de Cordoba, who is also on the show, will be accompanied by Juan Campallo on guitar, as well as singers José Luis De La Cruz Flores and Jesús Corbacho Vasquez. “Flamenco,” the dancer says, “is my need, so I fight every minute with the one I love, with the one who hurts and heals my soul, with the one who releases all my states so that I can communicate. Step by step, I am looking for a form and a way to return everything he gives me and be at peace with myself, because flamenco “sin más” is my way of life.”
The rich program will continue on September 10 double room French company Like Yeswhose work is aimed at a wide audience and is able to communicate with both children and adults through a language that combines theater and dance to express the magic of existence. A show full of moments of tenderness, surprise, poetry and comedy. Life and fiction are constantly in dialogue in an exciting adventure. The production received several awards, including the First Prize for Contemporary Choreography, the Audience Award, the Entre Danse Synodales 2016 Prize and the Cortoindanza Prize for Choreographic Writer.

We continue on September 15 with Plautin’s comedy. MenehmiDirected by Nicasio Anzelmo. The theme of alien, landing site, travel, death and rescue is at the center of the dance-live music show. Shipwreck with a spectator produced by Scenario Pubblico/ Compagnia Zappalà Danza – National Center for Dance Production. The Nello Calabro and Roberto Zappala show will take place on September 22, and the main characters will be Adriano Coletta and Antoine Roux-Briffo. The festival also features artists who have distinguished themselves by restoring and maintaining local traditions such as puppetry, music, and kunto art through entertainment. Quite a different story Association Artepupi Fratelli Napoli and I Lautari, which will be held on September 23 in Syracuse and will be repeated on September 26 at Cortile Platamone in Catania. A modern show in which a new character enters the universe of Sicilian dolls: Angelo D’Arrigo, world champion in hang gliding and paragliding, free flight record holder, a real Icarus of the third millennium. Thus, D’Arrigo enters the legend and receives a knighthood.

The alien theme is back. ANDmigrants Slavomir Mrozek, directed by Hafed Khalifa with Sleh Msaddak and Mohamed Tawfik Halfawi, which will be produced on 25 September and land in Catania at the Bonaiuto Chapel on 27 and 28 September. A prose show created in Tunisia in 2022 based on a Polish text from 1975. in which one can find the humanity of the foreigner’s position, which unites all communities. Nadya Talish will be the main character on September 25 at 19:00 in the lobby of the Massimo Theater in Syracuse in a monologue called “I am a woman” directed by Hafez Khalifa, in which the female figure is in dialogue with herself in order not to submit to the pressure of reality and society on him. The monologue will also be performed in Catania on the 27th and 28th at the Bonajuto Chapel.

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