Syracuse. “Voice Over – Tonino Accola Award 2023”: to be held on 23 and 24 June in Piazza Minerva

Shows, Contests and Awards. These will be the main contents of this octave
Version of Voice Over – Film and Dubbing Festival – Dedicated Events and in
great voice actor name Tonino Accolawhich will happen this year too Syracuse On th eway
Minerva on June 23 and 24.
festival, conceived and directed by Stephanie Altavillacharacterized by inevitable competition, but will see
Stage moments alternating between entertainment, shows, interviews, live dubbing
punctuation by two presenters already in the previous edition giving rise to a new thread,
livelier and more fun. To go on stage with the guests and contestants participating in the competition,
There Scarlett Leone And Rosario Terranovadirector Giulia Galati,
The program, sponsored by the municipality, was presented at a press conference yesterday
attended by the mayor, Francis Italyand councilor of culture, fabius granata, Current
actor and voice actor mario cordovaPast Guests of the Awards and in Syracuse for Today
Introducing his debut novel “Birds Have No Vertigo”.
“The municipal administration continues to support an award which, apart from being one of the moments
The city’s most worthy cultural proposal serves to keep alive the memory of the great Tonino
Accolla”: Mayor Francesco Italia said this in his introductory speech and then added:
Tonino Accolla’s love for dubbing finds its moment in the purpose of this award
Qualifying in the opportunity given to many young actors to do it actively
“The award, which has grown over time, is an event endowed with a strong and high-quality project – Ha
followed by the Counselor for Culture Fabio Granata—and added job and professional opportunities
Let’s get down to it for the students and make it one of a kind”.
“The will of Arca and Venti Mediterranee – declares artistic director Stefania Altavilla – is
many more recurring collaborations to continue to grow our
Represented the artistic, cultural and monumental heritage combining the history of Italian cinema
By the biggest exponents of dubbing, with region. for two evenings, thanks to this one
event, Syracuse becomes the capital of dubbing”.

first evening
With the guests of the first evening, Emmanuelle Rossi And angelo maggi – “double actors” – he
They bring the original performance to life amid live dubbing, music and other fun pure moments
show edited by alessandro farr,
A space will be reserved for news and historical events this year, thank you for your attendance
Giani Riota, journalist, writer and television presenter. Works for Riota Press, collaborates
With the Italian edition of HuffPost and since 2021 he is a columnist for La Repubblica. While a step back in the history of dubbing, in an unprecedented and totally original way, will be accomplished thanks to the contribution on the platform of Daniel Mousserifamily scion Vaccaro,cousinMaster Puppeteer of Syracuse.

Honours and awards
A special recognition, the Male Vocal Excellence Award, will be awarded Simone D’AndreaThe Extraordinary Voices of Colin Farrell and Matt Damon – EA Margaret DeRacyFemale Voice Excellence Award.
He will receive the Special Mention, Lifetime Achievement Award, Tonino Accola Award for directing
dubbing, Charles Kosolowith which, along with young voice actors – represented this year
by Margherita De Risi (voice of Elle Fanning, Selena Gomez, Isabella Moner) – Description
The focus will be on cinematographic sagas.

second evening
Second Evening, Saturday the 24th, Live Music by alessandro farr – Musicians from Catania,
Author of various soundtracks for films such as directorial debut Poli Opostí max crosi ,
will be supported pepe peralta on the guitar.
Important appointment for the participants of the competition – a sign that characterizes the purpose of
Tonino Accola Award – The competition will be the most exciting moment of the evening for the youth
Voice actors who must perform and test themselves in the lecture. new generation of dubbing
The Italian will compete in front of two juries, the technique – made up of professional dubbers – and
Press: They will have the final say on Best Female and Male Voice.
These are the finalist students of the Tonino Accola Prize 2023:

  • For female voices:
    Erica De Cristofaro – Self-candidate.
    Laura Motta – Voice Art Dub
    Francesca Paolazzo – ODS Turin
  • For male voices:
    Stefano Principe – self-candidate.
    Filippo Corazza – Voice Art Dub.
    Mirco Maffiola – ODS Turin.
    Technical Partners and Media Partners 2023, Phono Roma and Ata Produzioni.

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