Sziget, Billie Eilish conquers the Festival. French Saints international debut

Billy Eilish closed Sziget Festival 2023. The singer thanked her brother Finneas: “If one day he decides he doesn’t want to make music with me anymore, I’ll stop too.” International debut of French Saints, among the songs that hit the Light Stage, also a new single Boredom

Long awaited concert day Billy Eilish arrived. The curtain of the Sziget 2023 festival fell on Tuesday, August 15, when the American artist entered the main stage dedicated to Dan, to the enthusiasm of tens of thousands of those present. The singer, accompanied on stage by her brother Finneas, offered songs from both albums. Happier than ever AND When we all fall asleep, where do we go?

On the last day of the event, there was also The Saints French, in their international debut. Alessandro and Mario overcame the language barrier by presenting their songs in Italian to foreign audiences. Empathy and energy were the keys to success.

sziget festival, billie eilish and the protagonists of french latter day saints

Billie Eilish did not fail to live up to the expectations of the fans, who have already camped near the stage since early morning, to take the best seats, which is a symbol of great affection for the artist.

A huge roar greeted the first image of the singer, who appeared on stage with a smile in a red hat. The artist immediately launched the show with a string of hits. The first part of the songs at a fast pace was replaced by a series of ballads performed with her brother, about which the singer said: “Finneas he is the best brother in the world, the best employee, my best friend. If one day he decides he doesn’t want to do music with me anymore, I’ll stop too.”



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Billie Eilish then invited the public to focus on those closest to them, emphasizing the need to care for each other: “Let’s pay attention to the people around us, ask them how they are.”

Among the most popular performances are those on sheet music everything i wanted, You should see me in the crown, Therefore I am AND What was I made for?



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A space for French saints making their debut on the international Light Stage. Despite the possible difficulties in bringing the songs in Italian to the public, the duo immediately made them their own.

The couple gave an hour-long concert, between the songs sounded It’s not so bad, Medications, drug trade and last single Boredom. Alexander AND Mario therefore, they have made the first leg of a long journey that can lead them to international recognition.

nothing but thieves-yip


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