Sziget Festival 2023: seven artists not to be missed

The Sziget 2023 festival is one of Hungary’s biggest cultural events and this year’s festival promises to be very impressive. Here are seven artists not to be missed.

The Sziget Festival kicks off today and will take place on Budapest’s Óbuda Island, also known as Liberty Island, with a six-day celebration that includes hundreds of concerts and performances on more than a dozen stages. To help you make your choice, Euronews has selected seven must-see artists.impressive cast this year.



Thursday, August 10 at FreeDome

If you’re heading to Liberty Island in search of a throbbing bass intertwined with orchestral interludes and organic grooves, don’t miss British DJ and producer Simon Green, better known by his stage name Bonobo. Since the massively acclaimed triumph of his seventh studio album “Fragments” and given him an amazing five-night residency at London’s iconic Royal Albert Hall, Greene has undeniably become one of the most respected artists in the field of dance music – and for good reason. Sziget lovers can expect a cleansing and genre-defying musical masterclass from Green and his ensemble. Theo Farrant

Loyle Carner

Friday, August 11 at FreeDome

At this year’s Sziget Festival, London’s iconic rapper Loyle Carner is not to be missed. Known for his socially conscious, poetic lyrics combined with a smooth delivery of jazz and soul beats, he is undeniably one of the UK’s brightest talents – and he’s even brighter when he’s on stage. From engaging personal stories to interacting with the public, his charisma and energy on stage are truly outstanding. TF

David Guetta

Saturday 12 August on the Main Stage

David Guetta may be 55 years old, but his live performances, as always, have the same energy and freshness. The French DJ is a must see on Sziget for his house music prowess. He is a true master of the genre, with pulsating rhythms and euphoric melodies. Known for his impressive crowd engagement and ability to transcend genre boundaries, it’s no surprise that Guetta is still at the top almost 40 years after his first record. Longtime fans say it’s a real euphoria. If you’re looking for killer beats in Budapest, Guetta still has it for you! Saskia O’Donoghue

Arlo Parks

Sunday 13 August on the Main Stage

Whatever you do this year, don’t miss British singer-songwriter Arlo Parks. This year, the pop prodigy released his second album, Soft Machine, which is a far cry from his Mercury Prize-winning debut album, Collapsed in Sunbeams. An album that goes deeper emotionally and hits hard. The last time I saw her live, she opened the show with heartbreaking words: “Almost everyone I love has been abused, including me.” Sure, it might not sound like the easiest song to listen to at an upbeat music festival, but Arlo Parks has a unique talent for talking about the anxieties and strengths of a generation. His soft voice makes every word sound like poetry and the passion he exudes on stage is infectious. David Murican

Caroline Polachek

Monday, August 14, on the Main Stage.

Here at Euronews Cultura, we miss Caroline Polachek. I’ve been a fan of hers since her 2019 album Pang with “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings” and every time I see snippets of her performances online, I’m mesmerized by her to say the least. vocal prowess (like does she swing like that??) and her sensual dance moves. Euronews has listed her new album “Desire, I Want To Turn Into You” as one of ours. second favorite record of the year, for its trip hop rhythms, glitch electro, varied instrumentation, all combined into a captivating whole that is sure to be the best pop album of 2023. Don’t miss the chance to see her live: it will surely be an unforgettable moment of this year’s festival. DM


Hanna Gray

Tuesday, August 15 at FreeDome

Perhaps her name is not yet known, but you probably heard about her thanks to her. melancholy piano version (and feminist reworking) of Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” hit from 2021. She went viral on TikTok before heading into the studio and releasing her promising debut album Hell is a Teenage Girl. The album boasts an affinity for ’90s pop punk, and if you’re a fan of Bikini Kill and Paramore, look no further. DM

Billie Eilish

Tuesday 15 August on the Main Stage

If you’re still crying over Billie Eilish’s song barbie moviewe don’t blame you. The 21-year-old singer-songwriter’s “What Was I Made For” became an instant classic, albeit a tear-inducing one, and reason enough to see her perform on Sziget. Eilish is well known for her genre-crossing tracks: who hasn’t heard “Bad Guy”? Besides her stellar catalog, there are countless other reasons to see the American singer-songwriter, including her ethereal voice and energetic melodies. Add it to your busy festival schedule if it’s not already there! SO

The Sziget 2023 festival will start on Thursday 10 August and run until Tuesday 15 August.

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