Sziget Festival, Lazza: “It is in these moments that I become aware of my journey”

The rapper opened the main stage dedicated to Dan on the final day of Sziget Festival 2023. Lazza: “Everything went great, I haven’t played in the afternoon for a long time, it was a bit like starting from scratch”

A new milestone for King of Rap Midas. Lazza he became the third Italian artist ever to perform on Main stage dedicated to Dan festival Sziget (PHOTO) giving the audience an unforgettable concert. The rapper set the stage on fire, finally starting his career beyond national boundaries. We interviewed him after the performance.

lazza: “Now I understand”

The Sziget 2023 festival ended with a concert by an Italian artist, followed by Billie Eilish at 21:15. Over the course of six days, the musical event hosted many artists from all over the world, offering a diverse program. On stage we saw Florence + The Machine, Imagine Dragons and David Guetta, as well as Mimi Webb, ADONXS, Nothing But Thieves, SG Lewis, Baby Queen and Call Me Karizma.



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From Molotovs To Released from prison passing through Chian, Panic, Never died, Rains AND s!r! until the closing of trusted songs Ash AND ferrari remixesrapper (PHOTO) performed some of his greatest hits over sixty minutes of partying and music. A loud roar greeted the artist, who immediately made it clear: “I’m Lazza, and for the next sixty minutes I’ll be setting the stage on fire.” Promise kept.

We interviewed Lazza, from the excitement of participating in one of the most important festivals in Europe, which had over 400,000 registrations this year, to the selection of the line-up.

How was it?

Everything went very well, I haven’t played in the afternoon for a long time, it was like starting from scratch.

Leap into the past

When I was playing during the day when I was seventeen and opening gigs for the giants of music, I never thought I’d be in front of all these people. I understand now.

French Saints-IPA


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The band accompanied you on stage

A good compromise between my live performances and the desire to realize myself, presenting myself on stage in this way, makes an important championship play. When I rehearse with a band, I spend hours equalizing the sound.

How did you choose the composition?

We went to lighten my original set list by two hours.

A very important milestone

It is in these moments that I realize my journey: from the three forums in Milan to the almost sold out Hippodrome, it’s beautiful. It is very pleasant to realize that there were as many people as there were on Carroponte a year ago, despite the fact that they were hundreds of kilometers from home.



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