T-shirt has become the star of the men’s wardrobe again

Mike. Whether you want comfort, versatility or just taste, it has been playing an increasingly important role in the men’s wardrobe for several years now. Just hide it under shirts and sweaters of all kinds, let’s get it! Practical, fresh and loose clothing, but what is it difficult to match without leading to roughness. So, here are some tips and outfit examples to fully enjoy the freedom of a tank top for all occasions.

T-shirt to improve accessories

One of the benefits, besides being comfortable and fresh to wear, is the ease with which you can have fun customizing your own look. Let’s explain better. Let’s imagine the shirt as canvas that can enhance accessories what else do we want to put. Long necklaces made of wood, short ones made of steel, or even with good luck charms found among the stalls along the waterfront. In short… whatever we choose, it will never be out of place, even if inserted into a more formal attire. In fact, in recent years, it has become more and more fashionable to pair a tank top with a blazer or insert it instead of a shirt into an actual suit. A more summery and light shade, suitable for almost any occasion. Let’s see how to wear it in different styles.

Vest and suit, why not?

The classic look is perhaps the one that at first glance would seem least suited to a tank top, if not well hidden under a white shirt. And who would have thought a few years ago that he would take his place along with the suit? Because the combination T-shirt, jacket and trousers – one of the most popular solutions last summer by world famous actors and performers such as Chris Evans and Justin Bieber. So give up buttons and collars, no longer tie knots and a vest under a jacket. You will save time and feel more comfortable without compromise. In classic looks, T-shirt styles are most appropriate. thin or regular, but it all depends on the type of outfit you choose, and therefore on the event. Pairing a white t-shirt with a beige or turquoise linen suit is an example that is almost always good in the summer season, with special attention to ensure that our main character inside pants.

Tank top in streetwear and sportswear

Denim, plaid shirt and long tank top, maybe a little low cut to give a more assertive touch. In this case, it is better to wear trousers of a regular cut, avoiding multi-pockets which would have had too much effect mason. On the other hand, a more summery option could be this: black denim shorts with small holes, combined with a tank top with wide shoulders and plain cutoff sleeves. Very young and elegant great impact when enhanced with the right accessories, for example, a steel necklace. Pay attention to the length of the shorts: aStrictly just above the knee, never below! However, in a sporty style, a tank top fits perfectly. There wide shoulder option of this clothing is an icon of men’s summer sportswear. If the essence of sportswear is to wear comfortable clothes, what could be better than a tank top? Here you can really indulge in different colors and designs. A very common combination among young people is tracksuit shorts, sneakers and socks just above the ankle.

Vacation vest

We finish with some suggestions for jerseys by the sea. For clarity, we will omit the combination with a swimsuit for going to the beach and focus on the moment of walking at sunset. In this case, if the T-shirt is the main course, linen – an exquisite garnish for an evening dress, before or after dinner. The most popular material in summer seasons will be our small brown striped white shirt, firmly inserted into trousers beige and also a white T-shirt. Fasten the last four buttons (the last two will obviously not be visible, but will keep the structure) in such a way that The shirt is only buttoned up to the navel. This will allow you to best decorate both the tank top and any necklace you choose. Finally, we almost forgot about the legs. Wow, this is definitely a beautiful couple. slipper outlet!

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