Tabi Margiela shoes: the history of shoes as the main cult object

Ditch the sandals and flip-flops; come fall, the most controversial footwear of the season fashion history become popular! Tabi shoesfor many years a symbol of a niche of connoisseurs able to look beyond the animalistic appearance and admire the complexity of architecture Margiela, are the latest trend of the season. Characterized by a clean cutout at the top that separates the big toe from the rest of the toes, they are highly prized in both boot and lace-up versions, although the most sought after are the famous Mary Janes. Launched in 1989 on the occasion of the house’s very first collection, the calfskin ballet flats have become so sought after that they have caused significant mass hysteria among all fashion lovers, as evidenced by the recent theft of the iconic shoe that occurred in Greenwich during a Tinder date. Let’s find out what happened.

The story of Lex and his Mary Jen is very popular on Tik Tok:#TinderHorrorStory

This story is so incredible that it makes sense that it went viral all over social media. The beginning is like a movie: Lex and Joshua, that’s the name of the two main characters, meet by chance while walking along the crowded streets of New York, exchange fleeting smiles, and then go their separate ways among the people. However, shortly after this, a notification appears on Lex’s smartphone about Joshua’s new “match” on Tinder (a dating app). The two immediately have good chemistry, and between one chat and another on the famous app’s chat, they discover that they are both passionate about fashion, to the point of even exchanging mutual style tips. Their first date, called a “Tinder date” in the lingo, goes very well. So they meet again, this time also spending the night together. When Joshua wakes up talking about this and that, he confesses to his flame that he is in love with her. Tabi Mary Jane by Margilathus inflaming Lex’s pride, who proudly shows him his pair of tabis on the shoe rack and then goes to take a shower.

As soon as she leaves the bathroom, she realizes the fraud and will no longer find Lex or her favorite shoes. After realizing she had been scammed and no longer able to contact the scammer (who has since disappeared), the poor girl took to TikTok to track him down.

Tabi Gate

Lex’s video complaint quickly gains almost a million views, and some users manage to find the boy’s Instagram account to help her. A step forward that is not enough: conclusive evidence is required to prove fraud. While looking through Joshua’s profile, Lex discovers not only that his flirt actually has a girlfriend he knew nothing about, but that she is actually wearing his tabi, displayed in full view in the published story. Here is the long-awaited proof. Joshua, who initially denies any responsibility for the theft, admits to stealing the shoes and meets with Lex to return the Maison Margiela jewel undamaged. An absurd story, which, however, testifies to the incredible success of Tabi shoes. But why so much noise?

Insider shoe revolution

To understand the reason for all this fuss, we need to take a step back. In fact, shoes have a fascinating historical origin, borrowed from Eastern culture. In fact, not everyone knows that the first tabi were simply socks created in Japan in the 15th century after the opening of trade with China and designed to be worn with flip-flops: the socks had a slit in the front designed to facilitate balance. . Later, in 1921, the socks evolved into the famous Jika-Tabi, an invention of Tokujiro Ishibashi, who had the intuition to add a rubber sole to create a shoe suitable for outdoor activities. In the early years of his career, Martin Margiela was inspired by this prototype, but proposed it in the form of a boot.

However, the sketch was not initially welcomed by shoemakers of the time, as it was considered too radical. The first to believe in this was Gert Brüloot, Margiela’s first retailer, who, fascinated by the idea, introduced the designer to the Italian craftsman Zagato, who intended to produce shoes. The first buyer was fashion monument, designer Ann Demeulemeester, part of the Antwerp Six group. From here a myth was born, which began with the first collection of the House, presented in the summer of 1988 at the Café de la Gara in Paris.

But since their birth, Tabi have been controversial, given their disturbing aesthetics. Over the years, the very act of appreciating its beauty brought people ideally closer to the wearer himself, and for this reason he came to be perceived as belonging to a limited niche of professionals who recognized the value of the shoe. In short, they were a symbol of belonging more than just shoes: but since celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Dua Lipa, Kai Isaiah and Zendaya have themselves been photographed with tabi on their feet, these slightly animalistic, unsightly but eye-catching shoes designed by Margiela’s Maison everyone started wanting them, thereby losing their original value. But fashion does this too.

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