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  • The event was attended by Health Minister Gabriela Barbás.
  • The event is aimed at health teams and is organized by the HIV, Sexually Transmitted Infections and Viral Hepatitis Project.
  • Its goal is to share experiences and resources and propose new challenges to enhance the quality of care.

Accompanied by Minister of Health Gabriela Barbás first meeting Provincial Interior Care Network, organized by the Provincial AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Infections and Viral Hepatitis Program. The event was held in the auditorium of the Ministry of Science and Technology and was led by the network’s first and second level medical and health teams.

During the day, Barbas said: “The first level is people’s gateway into the health system, where they are provided with the highest quality care, coordinated with the second level when necessary.think Congratulations to them for all their work To make this expression and derivation work and to share it with you I am very proud of it innovation strategy We have been implementing for this e.g. Orishealth monitoring, payment health goalswith an interdisciplinary team”.

Barbas also mentioned visiting healthy as a basic rights It must be guaranteed by the state. He said along these lines: “In these moments, when the role of the state is again being questioned a lot, what I want to say is that our function is not important, but if we have a unbreakable faith, We will be able to transform from the roles we play, “Transformation is caused by people.”

Miguel Díaz, Director of Rosen Hospital and Reference for the Provincial Infectious Disease Network, emphasized: “he networking This is very important, it is a basic concept In assistance, in primary care. We also plan to follow this concept in the infectious disease network and “The same diagnostic and treatment possibilities are available across the province”.

The reference object takes this opportunity to recognizepromise Ministry leadership team” with primary health care, adding: “A lot of work has been done, There is definitely a lot more to do and the team must maintain and advance In progress. “

Within the framework of this meeting, it was established Regional Health Integration Office.

In this sense, says its coordinator Pablo Erlando: “These offices are Communication and coordination among health teams Like hospital level one, supply and shift management are facilitated, among other benefits.Recently, with the support of the Minister, we successfully installed There are 15 offices in the interior and 5 offices in the capital. “

About Care Network and Conferences

The care network was established in 2020 within the framework of the Covid-19 pandemic to improve access to treatment for people with HIV, sexually transmitted infections, viral hepatitis and tuberculosis. It is composed of providers from different levels of care at the municipal and provincial levels. Through this network, relevant medical services provide a comprehensive, integrated quality response.

The purpose of today’s event is to assess the network’s benefits to WHO’s 2030 goals, share the team’s strategy and working methods, and identify new challenges to improve access to services. Health system users.

The event included representatives from civil society organizations and was addressed by Héctor Calisaya, Provincial Coordinator of the Positivos +30 Network. Members of the health department’s central laboratory, Rosen hospital laboratory and provincial project leader Diosnel Bouchet and his team also spoke.

In addition, the team from the Mina Clavero Luis Maria Bellodi Hospital also shared their experience; Aurelio Crespo, from Cruz del Eje; from the Villa Dolores Regional Hospital; and Gumersindo Sayago, from Villa Carlos Paz ; and the town of Rio Tercero.

The Cordoba Diverse Choir also participated in the event.

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