The number of celebrity deepfakes has doubled in a year thanks to sophisticated artificial intelligence, with stars such as Taylor Swift, Natalie Portman and Emma Watson being targeted.

Miles Dilworth, Senior Reporter, Dailymail.Com 14:33 01 Oct 2023, updated 16:07 01 Oct 2023 Shocking report lifts the lid on the depraved world of deep-fake pornography forums Websites are littered with tips on how to create kinky material in seconds. Experts warn that “no one … Read more

Britney Spears gets cozy with manager Cade Hudson as she talks about staying positive while ‘going through a divorce’… after a knife dance she claims is FAKE

By Samir Suri, Sharon May, Deirdre Durkan-Symonds and Adam Levy at 08:24 30 Sep 2023, updated 11:02 30 Sep 2023 Britney Spears cuddled up to her manager and best friend Cade Hudson in a new Instagram album she posted Friday night. In one of … Read more