Video of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on vacation together

“You are the reason that makes me believe in love.” With this proposal, the follower Jennifer Lopez noted the beauty of the relationship between the pop star and her husband Ben Affleck, 51, August 15, commenting on a video posted by a pop star on … Read more

Jennifer Lopez on the Amalfi Coast: holiday photos

Among the constantly updated list of celebrities who have chosen Italy for their summer holidays, perhaps he is missing. Jennifer Lopez? The 54-year-old actress and singer has never made a secret of her love for the beautiful country, which, unsurprisingly, she chose for her first … Read more

Ben Affleck at work with ex-wife: J. Lo’s fortune

Jennifer Lopez in an interview Fashion called Jennifer Garner “fantastic” last year when discussing how she’s coping with raising her kids alongside the former Ben Affleck. A certified assessment, which, however, does not protect the JLO from the so-called envy of the past (disguised as … Read more

together on the set 20 years after the film Gigli

Lilies, the only film in which Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez act together, was not exactly a success. In the year of its release, 2003, it won hands down all categories of the Razzie Awards, the prizes intended for the worst productions of the year. … Read more