Rückkehr nicht ausgeschlossen?: Julia Louis-Dreyfus überrascht von möglichem Seinfeld-Comeback

Kehren die “Seinfeld”-Hauptdarsteller bald vor die Camera zurück? Photo: imago images/Mary Evans Jerry Seinfeld was thrilled when he was a woman in the return of the iconic sitcom Seinfeld after all. Sena colleague Julia Louis-Dreyfus, wearing the hat that had displeased Anung, was returned. Sitcom … Read more

List of performers – Holivudske zvijezde predvođene Gal Gadot objavile otvoreno pismo podrške Izraelu: ‘To je terorizam’

A hundred of the Holywood notables wrote to the su at the fourth opened a letter to condemn the “barbarska jela” of Borak Hamas, when they su were in hotels and Israeli civilian hotels in a shocking attack with a weekend. Israeli Gal GadotThe most … Read more