Summer 2023 photo with blond hair

“The return of Blondlena?”, “When will we return our Blondlena?” – these are just some of the comments under the new post from Selena Gomez which, once again, teases fans, making them hope for the return of her image platinum blonde. The pop star posted … Read more

How to recreate the Twinning Make-Up of Selena Gomez and Giulia De Lellis

The couple looks it is something that has existed for some time, but has only recently been declined in one of its most interesting forms, which sees two people (BFFs, parents and children or boyfriends, male or female) be made up in the same way. … Read more

Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez, the dispute explained well

The photos of their embrace at the Academy Museum Gala last October 16 seemed to have put the point to years of feud complete with happy endings. No one (naively?) had thought of a possible sequel underestimating the tenacity of their respective fanbases who never … Read more