Talamasca, the Vampire Universe of Anne Rice in the AMC series


After the recent Mayfair Witches with Alexandra Daddario, AMC seems intent on further expanding the Universe populated by vampires created by the disappearance Anne Rice. The new television project should be that of the titled series Talamascanamed after the secret organization dedicated to studying the supernatural world and protecting mortals from its darkest elements.

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Following the 1976 film adaptation of the novel Interview with the vampire in Neil Jordan’s 1994 film, in 2022 Interview With the Vampire it had also arrived on the small screen (here a preview). Another piece of the world that the network will continue to build for the Prime Video AMC+ channel.

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The announcement comes from Dan McDermottpresident of entertainment at AMC Studios, during the presentation of AMC Network:

“The enthusiastic critical and fan reception for Interview and Mayfair is a great sign of what is yet to come in this immersive universe based on the works of Anne Rice. We are thrilled to be involved in the development of the next chapter in this growing franchise, written and presented by the incomparable John Lee Hancock. The Talamasca is one of the most intriguing elements of Rice’s work and a common thread running through many of her stories; the potential of its own and as a crossover of this third series is immense”.

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