Tale e Quale Show, Ginevra Lamborghini – Dua Lipa. Malgioglio-stick: “You should imitate Electra!”

Ginevra Lamborghini arrived at the Tale e Quale Show. Malgioglio’s critical comment did not go unnoticed.

Among the participants who performed on the October 6 edition of the Tale e Quale Show is Ginevra Lamborghini.

The latter took on the role of singer Dua Lipa. His version of “Love Again” was sharply criticized by Cristiano Malgioglio, who did not spare even the authors of the program.

“Such and such a show”, Ginevra Lamborghini imitates Dua Lipa: “You could imitate your sister Elettra”

Malgioglio, Commenting on Ginevra Lamborghini’s performance, he pointed his finger at the authors: “But who are these unfortunate authors who gave you such a difficult task?”. He then turned to the person concerned, and the criticism was quite harsh, touching on a really sore point, namely the relationship with his sister Elettra: “You could imitate your sister Elettra, something simpler.”

Reaction of other judges

Meanwhile, Carlo Conti passed the ball to other program officials. Loretta Goggi, on the one hand, took advantage of how hard Ginevra Lamborghini worked. Giorgio Panarello’s comment was decidedly positive: “I thought you wouldn’t be able to answer, but instead you did it very well.”

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