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Dishes such as fabada, paella, marmitako or Galician octopus are untouchable dishes because they represent a gastronomic culture, and sometimes even more than that . French omelets, on the other hand, belong to everyone despite their origins in France. I usually add what I find in the fridge, not to lose flavor but to make it more filling. I even scratched a banana peel on it and the diners didn’t complain. And very small clams, from the boat, very cheap. And the jerky, leek, eggplant, and carrot tacos, I don’t know, I can’t remember the toppings each time because I keep changing them. Naturally, it seems a bit heavy, but this kind of heaviness does not offend any national feelings.

More than once I have spoken openly about this tortilla which I am very fond of, even though I am not a fan of it, neither Basques, Murcians, Andalusians nor Extremadurans take it for granted of.

Where am I going with all this? On the other hand, the makers of Almax (an excellent antacid) made a huge mistake when they chose Asturian fabada (Asturian fabada) to advertise their product, which is One of the most digestible and lightest dishes in the world. By God, by God! No one would have thought of this. Even if fava beans do cause severe digestion (which we’ll quickly deny), it should not be used in pharmaceutical activities. because? Well, exactly for that reason, because you can’t possibly join drugstores and regional dishes without hurting someone. Anyone new to their first year in advertising knows this.

Now Almax comes and gives me a million euros to use my crazy tortilla, it tastes good, I repeat because I also add bouillon flakes, but it causes gastritis, I say:


I don’t care, I’m a hypochondriac and people associate meds with my stew. I like it, more than that. In fact, many times I want to add some Almax powder to my stir-fry to counteract the excess chili. Maybe it will, give way to a new cure for stomach ailments. I have a lot of ideas, gentlemen of Almax, please talk to me.

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