Tanned and golden skin like Shakira: here is the product to use for less than 5 euros

Tanned and golden skin like Shakira-photo from Instagram

Tanned and golden skin like Shakira-photo from Instagram

Those with fair complexions are bound to protect themselves very well from the sun and sometimes turn red instead of tanned. With the first warm days you want to enjoy the sun and maybe lie down on a lawn and warm your bones cold from winter.

Showing off a beautiful complexion even before summer would be really excellent especially if we can use natural products. There’s nothing more embarrassing than showing yourself white as cottage cheese to the costume test. Shakira’s skin color is certainly enviable and above all natural but how could we match it? Obviously, if we use natural products, we need to be consistent in order to get results.

Tanned and golden skin like Shakira: let’s try carrot oil

The self-tanners on the market are mostly based on dihydroxyacetone, an active ingredient derived from sugar cane. Obviously self-tanner doesn’t last long but we also have a natural alternative: carrot oil. This product is usually made from carrot extract then emulsified with natural oils. Carrot oil is ideal for a gradual tan and for this reason the complexion will be more natural and homogeneous. Furthermore if used consistently it can prolong the tan and offer a golden color until autumn. However, a distinction must be made carrot oil is a tan accelerator therefore there is always a need for the sun.

Furthermore this is not a sunscreen Therefore it should absolutely not be used when we expose ourselves to the sun because it could cause us burns. When we intend to sunbathe, the advice is to use a sunscreen suitable for our phototype. Last precaution, as in the case of any new product to be applied to the skin, we recommend spreading a drop on an arm and test for any allergies.

How carrot oil works

Carrot oil contains vitamin A and beta-carotene. These two ingredients stimulate the production of melanin which in turn acts on the pigmentation of the skin. Carrot oil should be used sparingly even if it is a natural product. Just use it once a day, for example before going to bed, and can be emulsified with a neutral cream. We must pay attention to why it can stain clothes then it should be spread until complete assortment. Obviously each product is unique and it is necessary to read the indications on the label.

Other virtues of carrot oil

Carrot oil also has soothing and restructured virtues. The antioxidants contained in this oil are an excellent protection against wrinkles and act with anti-aging function. It can also be used as a massage oil even after a shower and after exposure to the sun. In addition the carrot oil price it is absolutely convenient as you go from 4 euros up to 15 euros depending on the squeezing method for example. However, we recommend that you always use organic products.

What to eat for a great tan?

To facilitate a golden skin and above all a homogeneous tan we can eat vegetables and fruits of orange color Why rich in beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a precursor of vitamin A and this means that it will be transformed, in this case in the liver, into vitamin A. As we know apricots, pumpkin, watermelon, carrots, melons, red peppers they are rich in carotenoids. A study by the University of Jerusalem has shown that it is preferable to take cooked carrots for better absorption of beta-carotene. Tanned and golden skin like Shakira – here’s how to use carrot oil.

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