Taormina Festival 2023: programme, guests and masterclasses

sixty-ninth edition of Taormina Film Festival, The film festival which takes place in the setting of one of the most beautiful Sicilian towns has recently announced a program that aims to bring a bit of Hollywood to the Italian island.

movies not to be missed

was one of the first films to be announced Jean Du Barry – The King’s Favorite The film is directed by and starring Maiwen. Selected as the opening film of the recently concluded Cannes Film Festival, jean du barry It was a film that was also talked about as being the first major project by Johnny Depp after the end of lawsuits In the film, Sue Myven, a lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard – who plays the Jeanne of the title – Johnny Depp gives his face to Louis XV, the last true French king before his nephew’s overthrow during the French Revolution. The film traces the rise of Jeanne du Barry, an attractive and cunning girl who eventually becomes the king’s favorite, causing a certain scandal at the Palace of Versailles. The film will be presented on June 30 at 21.00 in the setting of the Teatro Antico.

Another highly anticipated film and always a legacy from the Cannes Film Festival Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (Indiana Jones and the Quadrant of Destiny, in Italian), which the actor sees Harrison Ford Creating a true immortal icon, Spielberg reprises the role of the famous adventurer archaeologist given to audiences. Greeted with lukewarm enthusiasm after presentation on the new and fifth chapter of the French Riviera, Indiana Jones It is intended to represent the actual passing of the baton. The appointment in Taormina is for June 25, again at the Teatro Antico.

However, as far as Italian cinema is concerned, ever before day worst day, film co-directed by Edoardo Leo and Massimiliano Bruno, Both also serve as the main narrators of the story. The film, which also sees the participation of Anna Foglieta, will be broadcast on June 29 at 21 o’clock.

Events and Guests

While it has already been confirmed that almost all the actors Indiana Jones Will be present in Taormina to present the film to the Italian public, there are many other events not to be missed which include international guests. We are already starting with the opening evening of the festival, which will be an evening dedicated to the memory of Luciano Pavarotti. During the evening, organized as a charity event, he will be present Placido Domingo, Along with many other opera collaborators.

Also waited for the gala event organized by the actress Bella Thorne, Present Taormina, which will act as “godmother” for the presentation of short films directed by stars and influencers. The evening, which will take place on June 27, not only includes the participation of the aforementioned Bella Thorne (as seen in the films) forced together And ace in the sleeve), but also of the social star crippled lame and of Nina Dobrev, Best known for playing the protagonist of the Vampire Diaries.


The offer of the Taormina Festival ends with the presence of some masterclasses in which some of the “Holy Demons” of the Seventh Art will have the opportunity to talk about cinema and their careers, with their filmography available. names already declared John Landis, The genius of comedy that gave us masterpieces One chair for two Abel Ferrara and Willem Dafoe. Even the aforementioned Bella Thorne will be the star of a masterclass with the masses. To know more fully and in detail the entire program of the Taormina Festival, we invite you to follow the page on Instagram and browse the official website of the event. The Taormina Film Festival actually kicks off the summer film festival season, which culminates in September with the 80th Venice International Film Festival.

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