Tarazona points to fish farms as source of gastroenteritis outbreak

good neighborlinesson good terms, but felt a gastroenteritis outbreak in Tarazona, which has claimed nearly 470 patients In the town of Turiason and nearby towns, it originates from the waters of Soria.At least that’s the impression he left in his statement on Thursday mayor City Hall of Zaragoza, Jarre Tone (PP).

ruler of Tarazona He initially explained that the number of infections was “going down”, although “peaks” were still occurring and were related to “human-to-human contact” and infections. To be precise, City Hall A plenary meeting was held last Wednesday in which one PSOE MP asked ebro hydrographic union More information about trout farms medium soundinside Quails River, as well as more data on the probes the company has to measure river parameters and hypothetical changes in the activities the company will undertake.

Jaray is clear: “The collection of the saliva is carried out in the Quails itself, where fish farm And Woz Mediano fecal water.Then we have the purifier agreda and olvega At the Vaal Reservoir, there are livestock farms. This is not for saliva, we do not drink the water from the Var River, but for irrigation and is also useful for some towns on the banks of the Navarre River.That is, we drink water from Quils, but Val “This is for irrigation.”

Therefore, the mayor emphasized, “Every time a problem arises, Put the focus there. We did not make a specific request to the Ebro Hydrological Federation for more information about the Vozmediano fish farm, although logically, in the meetings we held, the drainage system of the fish farm and livestock farm Of the Quels.

Jarre also pointed out that the water analysis carried out by the Soria Provincial Council in Quiles did not result in any incidents, which is logical because ” Common analysis “They reveal nothing about the presence of protozoa”(“Cryptosporidium” ), because once fecal samples from contaminated people are collected, “specific analysis” must be performed. “When we have evidence of protozoa in feces, we start doing different tests.”

inside Moncayo The gastroenteritis outbreak has affected more than 470 people and the search continues.The fish farm, which happens to be at the headwaters of the Queiles River, took its first samples on Tuesday and the results will be released next week, which could help determine whether The origin of focus. However, so far, there have been no results directly linked to this facility located in the territory of Soria.

However, the link between trout and Cryptosporidium is supported by a doctoral thesis from the university. University of San Diego After conducting field research at a fish farm near the capital Compostela.which states that this finding zoonotic species Bacteria in trout specimens can have public health implications.

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