Tatiana Clouthier remains on Scheinbaum’s campaign

MEXICO CITY – Virtual presidential candidate Claudia Sheinbaum of the “Let’s Keep Making History” coalition has announced the members of her pre-campaign team for the 2024 presidential elections, among them from Sina Loya’s Tatiana Clouthier stood out.

At a press conference, the former head of government in Mexico City emphasized the strength of the team supporting her presidential bid.

Mario Delgado has been appointed as pre-campaign coordinator, while other high-profile members will play key roles in the electoral process. Adan Augusto López will serve as Political Coordinator, Ricardo Monreal will serve as Liaison Coordinator, and Gerardo Fernandez Noronha will serve as Spokesperson and liaison with civil society organizations. Coordinator.

During the meeting, Scheinbaum announced Jesus Valdes Pena as Liaison Coordinator with Mexicans Abroad, Tatiana Cloutier as Spokesperson Coordinator, and Citralli El Nandez participates as alliance and unique candidate coordinator.

Renata Turrent will be responsible for liaison with the academic community, Esthela Damián will be responsible for coordination of the tour and singer and actress Regina Orozco will be the cultural coordinator.

“This is a team that will lead us to victory. “There is unity here and change is unraveling. ”

Claudia Sheinbaum
Let’s Keep Making History Alliance’s Virtual Presidential Candidates

Claudia Sheinbaum Team

  • Mario Delgado, pre-event coordinator
  • Adan Augusto Lopez, Political Coordinator
  • Ricardo Monreal, Communications Coordinator
  • Gerardo Fernández Noroña, Spokesperson and Coordinator of CSOs
  • Jesús Valdés Peña, Liaison Coordinator for Mexicans Abroad}
  • Tatiana Cloutier, Speakers Coordinator
  • Citlalli Hernández, Alliance and Unique Candidates Coordinator
  • Renata Turrent, responsible for liaison with academia
  • Estela Damián, travel coordinator
  • Regina Orozco, Cultural Sector Coordinator

The political leader said that for now, the pre-campaign team has been completed, but their task is to add more people and civil organizations on the road to the 2024 presidential election.

In addition, Sheinbaum announced that next Sunday, December 3, a forum group will be formed with the purpose of creating a national project for 2024-2030.

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