Taylor Jenkins provides update on Marcus Smart’s injury during Grizzlies loss to Lakers

Marcus Smart’s ability to lead the Grizzlies on the court may be limited after Taylor Jenkins saw him go down against the Grizzlies. LeBron James’ Lakers.

There’s a lot going on in the NBA in-season tournament between the Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Lakers. However, none of them were more important than Marcus Smart going down in a clash against a team led by LeBron James. Taylor Jenkins knows it will be a huge blow with Luke Kennard out. The team still does not have key players like Ja Morant, Steven Adams, and Brandon Clark.He announced his latest news hurt after lossMark Medina of Sportskeeda.

Taylor Jenkins claims the Grizzlies will re-evaluate Marcus Smart. After he went down against the Lakers with a left ankle injury, Luke Kennard was experiencing some level of soreness, prompting the Grizzlies to err on the side of caution and hold him back from the game.

Smart only played a total of eight minutes, which is important for LeBron James and his team. He still scored three points, plus a rebound and a penny. However, his absence has allowed the Lakers to open up the perimeter. The opponent only needs to hit a three-pointer to break the team’s three-point record. Their opponents may adopt the same strategy, sending them further down the rankings,

Injuries don’t seem to be leaving the Grizzlies alone, which could be their downfall this season. Can they turn things around despite missing these crucial pieces?

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