Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner after saying goodbye (both) to Joe Jonas at a “martini and caviar” dinner

What was the evening between Friends or the method to send a message to someone is unknown. Of course, images Taylor Swift AND Sophie Turner around the streets of NY they cause a lot of discussion among fans. Cause? StoriesLove ended up with the band’s frontman Jonas brothers and former Disney Channel star, Joe Jonas, and Game of Thrones actress. While with Swift, Jonas “only” had one engagement; were with Turner weddingA divorce and two children. Jonas, in tears at a concert a few days ago, asked to believe only his words. Meanwhile, the story with Turner seems to be truly over. However, his date with Taylor Swift, his ex’s friend, raises suspicions. Is Jonas thinking of using his friend to get his ex-wife back?

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An evening based on martini and caviar

Actress AND singer were seen in the famous localvisited by VIPs NY, last Tuesday evening. The source, as reported by tabloid PageSix, says he saw Swift and Turner enjoying “lots of martinis and caviar” This “Caviar cones“, the practice of tasting caviar, firmly entrenched in the world gastronomic culture.

Joe Jonas cries after his divorce from Sophie Turner

Joe Jonas AND Sophie Turner they recently told fans about their divorce via a post published on Instagram. Turner and Jonas were married for four years. A few days ago, the singer cried publicly in Los Angeles while singing a song he wrote for his ex-wife: “It’s been a hard week. I just want to say: if you don’t hear it coming from these lips, don’t believe it. Okay?” he said a few hours after the divorce, thanking everyone “for their love and support.” The clearly emotional singer broke down in tears during her performance of “Hesitate,” a song written for Sophie and featured on her 2019 album Happiness Begins. Jonas and Turner have two daughters: Willa, born in 2020. , and the second was born in 2022.

Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas are friends

Taylor Swift In the summer of 2008, she dated her colleague for several months. As the singer Love Story herself told in the episode The Ellen DeGeneres ShowJonas allegedly left her “after a 25-second phone call.” However, years later, Jonas admitted that he is now on good terms with his ex.

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