Taylor Swift earthquake: her concert caused seismic activity in Seattle

Concert Taylor Swift shook the ground last weekend: literally, ever since the seismograph picked it up.

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Editorial Spettacoli

One of the biggest pop star hits Get rid of itand his fans – about 70,000 spectators who attended concerts on July 22 and 23 in Seattle – probably took it literally: after all, their dances and bouncing made the earth shake so much that it was recorded by a seismograph, according to The The newspaper “New York Times.

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Editorial Spettacoli

The measurement showed tremors consistent with a small 2.3 magnitude quake, explained seismologist Maus Reusch. Pacific Northwest Seismic Network. The event – the result of a mixture of audience, music and all related paraphernalia – has already been renamed Swift Quake.

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