Taylor Swift is stronger than Justin Bieber, the film’s first round winner exceeded $100 million

The estimated cost of the Taylor Swift film, which toured during the premiere party of her tour, after it exceeded $100 million worldwide, was announced by sales operator AMC, which holds the record for the longest concert filming.

“Taylor Swift – The Eras Tour” is scheduled to launch on October 13 in 8,500 theaters across 100 theaters. The film is certified Gold and is recognized as the highest-grossing concert film including Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Again (99 million), released in 2011. In France it was shown in the evening at Pathé et au cinemas. Grand Rex de Paris.

“This Is It,” which earned $261 million worldwide, is not considered a concert film documenting Michael Jackson’s performances before his stage performance.

“Eras” must first leave the United States, but the singer will finally decide to perform at the global event, although the tour includes a second leg in 2024, with some dates in South America, Australia, Asia and Europe. , ainsi qu’aux États-Unis et au Canada.

Distributed in 8,500 stores.

When asked by AFP, an AMC spokesperson noted that the $100 million in revenue is for an ensemble of theaters that distribute films, I think, much like the Cineplex theaters in Canada or the Cinepolis theaters in Mexico. Of the 8,500 theaters, 4,000 are in North America.

The all-time recipe record for the first weekend of October in North America is $96 million, set by “Joker” in 2019. “Taylor Swift – The Eras Tour” will reach more than 100 million in these three days (October 13 to 15). in North America, Jeff Bock sat in a special office for working with exhibitors.

$13 million in revenue per concert

The 2-hour, 48-minute film features footage from the artist’s three concert tours at SoFi Stadium in the Los Angeles suburb of Inglewood, which debuts today. The Eras tour currently includes 146 concerts.

Each concert generates $13 million in revenue, for a total of $1.9 billion, according to live arts trade magazine Pollstar. Jamais un Artiste or un Groupe n’a Encore franco le seuil symbolic billion dollars.

A month after announcing Taylor Swift, AMC announced Monday that singer Beyoncé will debut Dec. 1 with a documentary inspired by her Renaissance tour, which was filmed as part of elle vient d’achever aux États-Unis. AMC shares rose about 2% after electronic trading on Wall Street.

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