Taylor Swift, this tour leads to a record collection

Taylor Swift's arrival in Europe is highly anticipated
Taylor Swift’s European Arrival Huge Anticipation – Credit ANSA (Velvetmusic)

Taylor Swift’s Erasure Tour Will Be The First Tour To Earn Over A Billion Dollars, According To An Economic Report, And Still Growing

leaving the pandemic behind, The live entertainment business has become a real engine for the music economy. Summer 2023 will end with an exceptional balance sheet. Despite very expensive tickets, controversies over pre-sales and a certain overcrowding of dates and artists. It is undeniable that what we are experiencing is an incredible season, rich as we have not seen it for many years.

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We’ve never seen such first class tours in Italy, With many shows that will not pass through our country (Metallica, BeyoncĂ©, Pink, Ed Sheeran) but which are filling the rest of Europe with visitors and audiences. Italy remains a problematic country due to the excessive tax burden on shows and pre-sales, but also because of the inevitably high cost when it comes to concerts in our country, especially downstream from Milan.

Italian shows are also doing very well: Vasco Rossi was full as usual, all the stadium tours starting with Tiziano Ferro and Marco Mengoni were a great success. The season that has just begun promises to be a good re-launch for a sector that has been forced to spend two years in almost complete stagnation.

Taylor Swift crosses the billion mark

But Taylor Swift is the star, especially after the announcement that her show will be coming to Europe next year. His journey through the ages It is even closer to the historic record that until a few years ago was considered unbeatable, the one billion dollar box office record. At the moment the US dates are beating all expectations. All sold out.

If it weren’t for the complex organizational machine that took so long to set the stage, the managers could have set twice as many dates: and they would have filled them all. To the extent that there have been many requests for another North American segment of the tour. However, its organization appears to be extremely problematic, if not impossible. As the tour moves to Australia, Asia, and Europe next year, it’s easy to imagine that Taylor Swift will want to devote herself to a new album, which she says she’s already started working on. Is.

journey through the ages Will also reach Milan. For the time being, on July 13, 2024, only one date has been set: the presale is scheduled for next July 13, with an unimaginable queue to collect tickets that has never been so prestigious.

Taylor Swift during her Era Tour, which is winding down in the United States
Taylor Swift during her Era Tour, which is winding down in the United States – credit ANSA (velvetmusic.it)

Taylor Swift is also in Milan

According to a report by Pollstar Eras Tour It would be the first tour by Taylor Swift to gross a billion dollars in the history of the business. That goal should become a reality between March 2 and 9, 2024, when the American singer-songwriter will take the stage in Singapore. Europe should be guaranteed to earn no less than half a billion with ticket sales alone, excluding royalties and merchandising. Final earnings are expected to be $1.5 billion.

The final tour date is set for August 17, 2024 at Wembley Stadium in London. While Pollstar considers the estimate realistic, earnings could actually be much higher. Needless to mention the fact that despite such commercial success, the artist himself decides not to pursue the most successful tour ever. Tickets for three concerts in Singapore were destroyed in a matter of hours. And the organizers have organized three other shows: all of them sold out in a short time, they did not have enough time to organize on other dates. Six dates, also at the Sophie Stadium in Los Angeles, no one else has held that many dates. To this must be added receipts from sales, as well as record-breaking earnings.

Elton John’s tour, which ends after 300 shows, will end up grossing nearly $900 million. A mammoth, even more than what Ed Sheeran made with The Divide Tour ($776.4 million and U2’s 360 Tour). Taylor Swift is preparing to surpass everyone with the sound of a record with a budget that may even be unattainable for many years.

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