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Taylor Swift and the Tour to celebrate 20 years of career: Alberta Ferretti’s clothes

The last time that Taylor Swift she left for a tours it was 2018. In the meantime he released four albums (Lover, Folklore, Evermore, Midnights) and re-recorded two more (Red And Fearless). On tour, however, nothing. Normal, then, that The Eras Tour, kicked off March 17 in Glendale, Arizona, is considered a special comeback — so much so that the city even officially changed its name to “Swift City” for the two days the singer performed. Thirty-three years of which almost twenty in business, Taylor is the most streamed female artist on Spotifyas well as being particularly prolific: a moment to stop and reflect on the amount of songs he has produced in the last two decades was really needed.

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And that’s what The Eras Tour stands for for the record-breaking star: «A journey through all the musical eras of my career». Each period of her life can be cataloged by looking at the albums she has released, the topics she talks about, the feelings he evokes and the way she dresses. It is natural to wonder how to choose looks that can contain all these multitudes. To answer is Alberta Ferretti, Founder and Creative Director of the homonymous brandwho created a series of special looks for Taylor Swift’s live performances in the United States.

«The Eras Tour represents a very important moment in his career, because he conceived and built it as a journey through the different moments, or as the title suggests, the musical eras of his career. I am therefore honored that she has asked me to design dresses for this special occasion », explains the designer, who he had already dressed Taylor Swift in the most important moments, such as i Grammy Awards of 2014.

And she continues: «I’ve always been fascinated by women who know how to constantly get involved and Taylor with her work has shown that she has great versatility and a multifaceted creativity that transforms and renews herself continuously. Thinking about these stage dresses for her also prompted me to reflect on the milestones of my career and I think what we have created reflects this journey in which the key elements of my style come to life: lightness, femininity, romanticism, attention to detail and a delicate, gentle seduction».

Concepts translated into creations dominated above all by chiffonprotagonist of the outfits which, with their fluid and soft volumes, embellished by embroidery of beads and crystals, bring out the singer’s stage presence on stage. With a fundamental detail: they leave her the freedom to move as she wants and as much as she wants.

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