Team Nutri Do you want to radically cure your digestive health?

What benefits does improving digestive health bring to our health?

Improving digestive health has numerous and varied direct and indirect benefits. It directly improves a person’s quality of life by correcting abdominal inflammation and bloating, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, gastritis, reflux, chronic headaches, skin problems, depression and unhealthy weight, which can reflect in future illnesses if persistent over time middle.

When these conditions are cured, there are indirect benefits such as: Increased daily energy, Overall reduction in chronic fatigue and pain, Significant reduction in colds and allergies, Improved appearance of nails and hair, Halitosis sufferers disappear, Bad breath management, Food anxiety, Blood Many values ​​in the examination were normalized.

All this because 80% of our immune system is located in our gut, which is responsible for responding to all illnesses. Once recovered, we improve our immune system and increase the absorption of nutrients, allowing each to reach the cells and perform their functions. .

What treatments do they perform?

I’ve been suffering from IBS for ten years – I’ve had numerous treatments from conventional and natural doctors with little or no results, and the symptoms always felt the same or worse. Because of this, and the willingness to heal, I decided to do it myself, study, read a lot, and take courses and graduate degrees from different countries. So, within three months, I successfully cured my digestive health and all associated symptoms. So, digestive health became my specialty, and I put all of this knowledge into my practice with my patients, and they began to see great results in their health.

Then, with all the information I researched, learned, and put into practice, I created a comprehensive “Get Well From Root” program. This is a 3 month treatment, done in a holistic, functional and anti-inflammatory way with my full support. I make sure my patients heal and strengthen their digestive health so they can live a normal life without worrying if something they eat is making them feel bad, and many times, even healthy things can make them feel bad. Feel uncomfortable.

My treatments are designed to educate patients on the keys to diet and an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Because where there is chronic inflammation, there is disease. Treatment in my program takes place in a group format and attention is individualized. We currently have 3 programs of varying duration, depending on patient needs.

What are the top nutritional foundations for improving digestive health?

After researching and observing many cases I learned that the basis for improving digestive health is not just eating natural and “healthy” foods, but also making the right combinations.

If your digestive system is damaged, it may not be able to digest certain foods on its own. This may be due to low hydrochloric acid, low or high intestinal peristalsis, excessive bacteria, parasites, etc. So in most cases they cannot handle combinations such as; yogurt plus fruit – bacteria, lactose plus AHA – or rice plus chicken – protein plus starch – a super indigestible combination! Because these preparations take a lot of time to digest from our stomach and intestines, causing bloating and digestive discomfort.

On the other hand, the basis for improving digestive health is not just eliminating foods containing gluten, sugar, lactose and eating lots of fiber, as most people seeking a cure do and only see some relief. The basic principle is to reduce pro-inflammatory foods and preparations (these are supermarket products) and increase functional foods and drinks that perform specific functions in your body and not only relieve your symptoms, but actually heal them you..

How do emotions affect our microbiome?

I like this question. Because a lot of times when we talk about the gut, the microbiome, and digestive health, we only focus on food. But emotion is key!

In my project, we use 5 anti-stress guidelines that take into account different emotion management practices. Because emotions have a direct impact on our gut microbiome, a collection of trillions of different types of bacteria with different functions. They are responsible for producing 80% of serotonin (the happiness hormone) and 70% of dopamine (the creativity and motivation hormone). Therefore, if our microbiome is unhealthy, its production will suffer.

On the other hand, the gut-microbiota-brain axis plays an important role, sending multiple signals from neurotransmitters through the brain to the gut and microbiota, and vice versa. Here’s how it works: If our microbiome is bacterially imbalanced and harmful bacteria increase, these signals reach the brain, putting it in a state of danger, anxiety, pain, and perpetual alertness.

If our emotions through the brain are negative, the signal that reaches the intestinal tract – the microbiome – is an increase or decrease in intestinal motility, leading to diarrhea or constipation, an increase or decrease in hydrochloric acid, producing chronic gastritis, and a decrease in enzymes. Indigestion, resulting in bloating, etc. As you can see, emotion is key.

What do you think is your differentiating factor?

There are several -lol-. According to what my patients say over and over, these are two very significant differences. Number one; the presence and empathy I feel for them before the show starts, during the show, and even after it ends. I continue to be there for them, and when I see them drop their arms, I insist they continue. So, they also like this team because they really feel supported by their teammates who are in the same situation and help each other throughout the program. The second, and what my patients also emphasize, is that my “Healing from the Root” project is the only one in Argentina lasting 3 months, with 260 beautifully designed printables, more than 20 edited explanation video, WhatsApp me directly, and a closed WhatsApp group of no more than 30 people. This is the most complete program in Argentina because it covers all areas to achieve healing from the root causes.

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