“Tell Beyoncé I’m Not a Single Woman Anymore”

How many times have you even had to sing quietly one of the songs, which is a real hymn to independence, but also to obligations (marriage). “If you like it, put a ring (on her finger)!” he sang. beyoncé urging his fans to stand up and dance to the tune of “All the Single Ladies”. And the American singer was the first thought of one journalist who in the middle of a live broadcast was surprised by her boyfriend and her offer From wedding.

Let’s find out their history.

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There journalist Cornelia Nicholson got a fantastic surprise when she anchored local Tennessee news. The teen was thinking of recording a news story for a weekend program on Local 3 News when she realized she was doing a very special report from her boyfriend. Riley Nagelcomplemented by photographs of the two being projected onto screens.

After a very sweet dedication, journalist he asked his colleague and bride the fateful question: “Cornelia, will you marry me?” Cornelia Nicholson she burst into tears and nodded as she walked over to her boyfriend to hug and kiss him.

Shortly after that, the girl published a post on Instagram, in which she announced wedding: “Somebody call beyoncé and tell her he put the ring on him! I am no longer a single woman! Riley Nagel, I love you and look forward to our future together.»

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