Temptation Island 2023 episode 4, what happened and a brief summary

If there is one thing that is now very clear to the viewers of Channel 5, it is the writer temptation island They don’t suffer from heat like normal creatures and they don’t lose their intelligence about high temperature. In fact they are shiny, very shiny. and with a minimum of elements, is able to create a mural that collects toxic relationshipsWomen in Rebirth, The Devastating Downfall of the Man Who Should Never Ask and Plot Worthy Twist game of Thrones. fourth installment of temptation island It added nothing to what we already knew: namely that Gabriella and JosephIn the blaze of countless confrontations, they’ll get back together and their hours are numbered as Perla and Mirko come close to betraying each other in favor of the room. everything else (ie Daniele and Vittoria, Francesca and Manuel And Ali and Federico, the other three surviving couples) are a cosmic void for which even the spectacular soundtrack — featuring performances from Alan Sorrenti to Katy Perry — can do nothing. And we said it all.

Gabriella and Joseph

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We knew Gabriella’s “reincarnated woman” moment, who viciously flunked her boyfriend in a self-affirmation tour in the third episode (and the one after) revenge kiss with seducer Faud) will not last. But we hoped she wouldn’t give in so easily to Giuseppe, who surprised her by admitting to being a very bad Italian and repeatedly cheating on her. To know that this little was enough. However, the second comparative bonfire between the two gives us one of the most beautiful musical pearls of this version: Giuseppe enters on the notes of “Tu che ne sai”. Gigi D’AlessioGabriella on them, now indispensable, her lookalike “girl from the suburbs”. Anna Tata Angelo, They walk together, the voices of their two favorites linked like their hands, while the words of “a new kiss” and the voices of Tataangelo and D’Alessio flow they merge in the fire of love. What a sublimation, what a moment of meta-television. Sometimes we wonder if the writers choose the cast based on the affinity of the protagonists’ stories with the discographies of these two artists, or if the connection comes automatically if you enter the IS Maurus Riley.

Pearl and Mirko

let’s face it, that The ending date of the pair scored by Perlo and Mirko was the closest since the program’s debut., Gabriella’s gone, our only hopes are for the girl from Campania who gave up her life to go to customs with her lover and seems to have lost everything there (friends, fun and ambitions. Or, at least, so she says). In the fourth episode, Perla realizes with great dismay that Mirko is serious with the single Greta: he is taken for granted “like a fifteen-year-old”, he tells his friends, and acts as if it is an insult to her. Meanwhile, she succumbs to the flattery of the unmarried Igor. Once again, the fear of loneliness and the fear of losing a well-established comfort zone seem to be the only glue keeping them together. In the final episode of the show, which will air on Monday 24 July, he will undoubtedly be the great hero of the evening.

Francis and Manuel

Ryan Gosling Rome’s And his girlfriend who has been abandoned and cheated on many times, is fading into oblivion. In fact, we almost forgot him in this review of episode 4. after the first episode aired Everyone at the event found Francesca “the most genuine”., where truth means “the minimum clear, endowed with common sense and not entirely constructed”. But we see that the writers were clueless because, in the fourth episode, they forced her to go out with a single guy she didn’t care for at all. Manuel, for his part, has not managed to win over a single palm tree in the village of the engaged couples, let alone a single tree.

Ali and Federico

What a beard, what a bore, what a bore, what a beard. The couple is heading towards a certain breakup, meanwhile they try to pretend with the few weapons they have: his ego, which is so sure of the love of his fiancee (“I am everything for her, she would die for me”) that he already imagines her at the bottom of the sea, knowing that he has been taken by another woman, in this case the single Carmen. Instead, she has deepened her acquaintance with the already single Lolo and has asked her boyfriend to no longer show her allegedly compromising videos. Got 26% share from the fourth episode – Another win – certainly not thanks to Elle and Federico, but at this point we will have to wait until the end to understand what they can give us, beyond the cosmic emptiness of these first approaches.

Victoria and Daniel

He, full of testosterone and over the top, wanted to give us the “Lenticchio” part of the season (and who doesn’t know). Lentil aka Francesco Chiofalo, go and recover 2017 version); After four episodes we still don’t have an exact opinion about him. In short, two episodes into the grand finale, we were unable to understand a great deal about the couple: we only know that she wants a child from him, a necessity that, given the emotion she talks about, is dictated more by script than by desire; she has soup depth And it’s clear that between his fiancée Vittoria and single Benedetta, two women competing for him, he’ll still choose the weight room.,

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