Ten Free Readers in Eliseo “Sun of the Future” dramatized

A movie ticket to the first ten readers who deliver this page to the Eliseo Arena box office tonight, starting at 20.30.

Today in programming there is the “Sun of the Future” by Nanni Moretti. The protagonist is Giovanni (Moretti), a director, less and less in tune with the outside world, who makes a film set in 1956, the story of the secretary of the PCI section of Rome’s Quarticciolo district, who must figure out how to react to the dispatch of Soviet tanks to Budapest .

The film is produced by his wife Paola (Margherita Bui), who, however, is considering leaving him, even if Giovanni does not know about it.

Giovanni is also writing the screenplay for a film based on John Cheever’s novel The Swimmer, and at the same time, he imagines shooting a film that tells the couple’s forty-year history, with many Italian songs playing in the background.

The cast also includes Silvio Orlando, Barbora Bobulova, Mathieu Amalric, Jerzy Stuhr, Valentina Romani and Blue Yoshimi.

Tomorrow is Roberto Ando’s Weird, which tells the story that inspired Pirandello (Tony Servillo) to bring some of his theatrical and literary masterpieces to life by composing his imagination of people and places. It also stars Valentino Picone and Salvatore Ficarra. Saturday is here – A Fleeting Affair by Emmanuel Mouret.

A single mother and a married man weave a relationship without any plans for the future, but day by day they are surprised at the degree of complicity they managed to achieve in a short time … Sunday – Wild Animals, directed by Cristian Mungiu. Matias (Marin Grigore) quits his job in Germany and returns to his son Rudy (Mark Bleniesi), who lives with his mother Ana (Macrina Barladeanu) in a quiet Transylvanian village. He also reunites with his ex, Chilla (Judith Stait), who runs a small factory in the village.

In those very days, new Sinhala workers were hired. Society is not ready for this news. One day, Rudy is in the forest and something disturbs him, which plunges him into a state of shock, from that day the child no longer speaks, and his parents are trying to understand the reason.

Disoriented and internally torn, Matthias and Ana are gripped by doubts and suspicions. Even the entire local population begins to harbor phobias that feed the ancient specter of intolerance…

Monday will see The Menu, a film directed by Mark Mylod: a black comedy centered around a gourmet dinner prepared by the very famous and eccentric chef Julian Slovik (Ralph Fiennes) at a restaurant on a remote private island. where they invite several celebrities to taste truly exceptional dishes… Tuesday is the turn of Luca Guadagnino’s Bones and All: the story of the first love between Maren (Taylor Russell), a girl who learns to survive on the margins of society, and Lee (Timothée Chalamet), loners with a struggling soul: the two of them will go on a journey that will change their lives. Eight mountains will be staged on Wednesday with Luca Marinelli and Alessandro Borghi as two friends with different lives and stories, united by a love of the mountains and a dream they shared since childhood.

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