Ten tips for avoiding becoming a target of annoying mosquito bites

this mosquito is one of the main shortcoming how does summer feel to them hang out It’s pretty bad to be around (in the ears I don’t even tell you anymore) and think they’re going to bite you any moment uncomfortable and irritating.just imagine you can’t stop catch youyour hair is standing on end.

those who were bitten were female They don’t need blood to feed themselves, but to Variety.like a mosquito bites full of blood, inject saliva On the skin, this saliva triggers slight reaction produce the classic immune system itching and lumps. Some mosquito bites cause severe swelling, irritation, and inflammation.

mosquitoes are attracted to odor Things like sweat, flower essences, and the carbon dioxide we exhale.They also tend to sting certain parts of the body not covered with clothes, but sometimes they are able to leave their mark in the most unexpected corners.

Although in Spain mosquitoes do not pose much risk and the main hazard they cause is annoying bites, in other countries mosquitoes can cause serious diseases such as Nile fever. common mosquito (Culex palustris), or other diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue virus, and Zika virus Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus).

Several tourists scratched themselves after being bitten several times by mosquitoes. free graph

Tips for Winning Battles

Common Mosquitoes Are More Active Than Regular Mosquitoes night with the tiger period sky Both animals are a real nightmare in summer for all who are bitten by them. So below we give you some tips for fighting these little insects and avoiding their bites. all these are:

1- Insect repellent. Use repellents that contain natural oils like DEET, icaridin, or citronella. Apply to bare skin, keeping away from mouth or eyes, or on sunburned areas or wounds. Repellants don’t kill mosquitos, but as the word itself says, they keep the repellent four to eight hours away from the area where it’s being applied.

2- Appropriate clothing. Wearing long-sleeved shirts or tops and long pants, skirts or dresses will help reduce skin exposure and thus reduce the chance of being bitten. White, green, and yellow were the least attractive colors to mosquitoes compared to black or red, which mosquitos like most.

3- Mesh and Mosquito Nets. Use mosquito nets on the doors and windows of your home or sleep under them to prevent mosquitoes they attack you in your own home.

4- Avoid the busiest times. Mosquitoes are usually most active at dawn, dusk and night, especially during hot and humid weather conditions. Therefore, you should try to limit your exposure to them during these times.

5- Natural remedies. Aromatic plants such as rosemary, geranium, citronella, lavender, eucalyptus, thyme, and basil act as natural insect repellents.

A bouquet of rosemary next to a vial of rosemary oil. free graph

6- Avoid scented products. If you use sweetened shampoos, soaps, perfumes or creams, you cannon fodder For mosquitos. Floral perfumes, precisely because of their sweetness, those that are fruity and have a clean smell that is deliciously fresh, or that resemble almonds, are irresistible to mosquitoes.

7- Don’t go where there are mosquitoes. If possible, avoid places known to have large mosquito populations. Stay away from areas of standing water, as they are ideal places for these insects to breed.

8- Use a fan. Mosquitoes are poor flyers, so a fan can make it difficult for them to fly and keep them from getting close to you.

9- Plug with insect repellant. It is very useful to have an anti-plug agent in the room at night. These vaporizers gradually release the product, creating an odorous environment that is bothersome to mosquitoes. You have to turn them on when you sleep and turn them off during the day so you don’t waste them uselessly.

10 – Food. Some foods act as natural insect repellents. This is the case with tomatoes, which contain vitamin B1 (thiamine) and give off a repellent scent. Garlic, onions, pistachios, black pepper, apple cider vinegar, mint, beans, and lentils are other foods that can keep mosquitoes away from you.

bad news! If you’re one of those beer lovers, you should know that mosquitos are there too, and not just a little. So if you drink one or more types of beer, the mosquitoes can smell the carbon dioxide emitted by the yeast, and they will find you and jump right at you. So now that you know, be cautious and try some of the above measures to avoid becoming the target of their hateful bites.

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