Ten Tips for Cooling Your House During a Heat Wave Without Using the Air Conditioner

Keep air conditioner Turning on for a long time will have a great impact on our body Electric bill.There are natural alternatives to sustain temperature Our home is up to an acceptable standard. Plus, cooling our homes naturally is not only cheaper, but it also prevents throat and thermoregulation problems.here 10 tips for to refresh Your home does not need air conditioning.

1. Lower the blinds and draw the curtains

Our top priority is to prevent sun rays Crystals that directly affect our windows, which gradually raise the temperature in our rooms. If we need natural light, we must at least draw the curtains.

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2. Ventilate the house when it is coolest

The few hours we have the opportunity to open our windows, we have to make the most of them.First thing in the morning or last thing in the evening we can create airflow Open doors and windows at key points in the house.

3. Dress up your house with summer clothes

delete or replace textile Summer time is not short. Some of these textiles can cause heat to concentrate in the room. Rugs, curtains, tablecloths or bedding.priority light tone And keep the ground clear. An effective trick is to moisten the curtains with water to freshen the air that passes through them.

4. Wet the floor

Mopping the floors with a bucket of cold water is always good and will be cleaner. Don’t hesitate to use this trick as many times as you want, especially if you have a room that is empty for most of the day.

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5. Cook once a day

Without a doubt, the ideal time is in the morning.avoid using oven anyone fire When preparing meals, give priority to cold dishes. Of course, always use a range hood so that heat doesn’t build up in the kitchen.

6. Let your bed cool down before bed

Many people have trouble falling asleep when it comes to sleep due to higher indoor temperatures throughout the day and heat buildup. Frozen, crushed ice, frozen water bottles They can be wrapped in a towel, which we will spread on the bed later.

7. Houseplants

These creatures naturally cool your home.In addition to the common plants on terraces and balconies, we can also use plant interior in different corners of our house.For plants with larger leaves, the effect will be more pronounced if we water evening.

8. Turn off appliances

any running electrical appliances dissipate heat. Their use must be limited to when really needed so we can also reduce our electricity bills.

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9. Use devices that circulate air, not push it

If we compare traditional fans with the latest models that support fans, they are already somewhat outdated. air circulation The temperature of the whole room will drop by a few degrees, this is the case with the fan Vortex technology.

10. Put the container in the water

Placing containers with water in different places in the house can be very effective, especially if we use ice We place these containers where hot air leaks.

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