Tender, revealed release date and poster with Emma Roberts and Kim Kardashian

American Horror Story: Delicacy, After the release of the first teaser trailer – as always extremely disturbing – finally comes the official release date for the new season of the series created by Ryan Murphy.

The long-awaited new season is out in the US on FX and streaming on Hulu starting next year. September 20, in Italy it is not yet known where and when it will be available. In addition to the date were also made public two official postersdepicting Emma Robertsseries regular and newcomer: TV star Kim Kardashian.

American Horror Story: Delicacy – Coming September 20th in the US

American Horror Story Emma Roberts - Cinematographe.it

American Horror Story, is one of the most famous and beloved horror-themed series, with an anthological narrative that introduces new characters each season. In the past, it was the turn of the famous pop star Lady Gaga to star in the series, but now the new episodes will feature the equally famous Kim Kardashian.

The first images of Kim Kardashian have been made available thanks to the first teaser trailer released last July. Choosing an influencer was neither obvious nor safe, but the risky decision could pay off!

This new season American Horror Story You willnovel inspired delicate conditionwritten by Daniel Valentine. In fact, it is a more modern interpretation of the story of motherhood – extremely disturbing – invented by Ira Levin in the famous film by Roman Polanski. Rosemary’s baby. The protagonist of the book, played in the series Kardashian, is convinced that her pregnancy is threatened by a dark supernatural presence, a cursed interference.
The written transposition of the story, and hence the script for all episodes, will be inked by the author Hallie Feiffer.

Below are posters of the series with Emma Roberts and Kim Kardashian:

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